My podcasting kit.

I use an iRiver 799 to record, a great little thing, records straight into mp3 format, and you can fiddle around with mic levels etc.

Since podcast 12 I have been using this binaural stereo mic, the high sensitivity version – sound seeing tours are MUCH better in stereo (Before that I used a similar mono lapel mic.) You need an extra adaptor lead though as the jack is too fat to plug straight into this i-river – I believe they solved this with the iRiver 899 by putting the mic input on the side.

For a more ordinary looking mic, without the stealth of the lapel mic, this Sony is meant to be great – but not as good for picking up ambient sounds – more of an interview mic. If you don’t mind doing all your podcasting from home, a cheap headset that you can plug straight into your computer will record just fine.

For editing I use Adobe Audition, and all my podcasts are hosted for just 5 US dollars a month at Libsyn. For more information check out podcastalley, where you’ll find lots of information on podcasting equipment and software, and really useful user forums.

Give it a go!

5 thoughts on “My podcasting kit.

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  2. Sean

    Hi Ben,
    I live in Sydney, Australia and just discovered your podcast via the podcast search engine of the new version of iTiunes. Has been really interesting listening to your podcast – I love Spain and have visited Madrid may times – have a good mate who lives there – I really liked hearing sounds like the metro announcements and, the markets and cafes – really has made me feel ike coming back there again!

    Keep up the good work!!


  3. Ben Post author

    Thanks Sean,

    Just hearing from someone in Sydney has really made me want to go back there again!

  4. Joe

    Hey Ben,
    just found your podcast on itunes. very cool. i am trying to learn spanish right now so i can go and visit spain and really take in the culture. i am really enjoying your podcasts. keep up the good work! why did you move to spain? and how did you meet your wife? i just subscribed and just got your pre-christmas episode so i feel a little behind! either way, great to hear this stuff, i’m sure i’ll learn more as i continue to listen.

  5. celia stevenson

    Hi Ben and Marina,

    I am planning to visit Madrid in September 2006.I have found your podcasts very helpful and informative.

    I loved the flamenco podcast.Could you do some more please!

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