6 thoughts on “Podcast No. 9! A postcard from Cordoba

  1. Robert Fischer

    Hello, fantastic podcast! By the way: Which equipment do you use for mobile recording (soundseeing)? Because I also plan to do some podcasting in the near future and I still need the ideal equipment. Thanks for your response!

  2. sauseschritt

    when I searched around to find some interesting travel podcasts I did hit your podcast link, listened to it and was really impressed. very good and interesting stuff, which I really do enjoy on my way round Europe. Congratulations and please do continue. regards, sauseschritt

  3. Charlene

    Just found your podcast, , and it has been very helpful, Vamos a viver en Valencia en dos Anos, my husband has work and we will be there for about 8 months, (with Kids). We are from Seattle and expecting a little culture shock. Any more you can say about Valencia? listened to Podcast about Las Fallas. Look forward to more Podcasts!

  4. Michelle

    Incredible Podcast! Best one so far. I’ve really been enjoying them – also love to hear from your wife. I’m an American woman married to a Romanian man, here in the U.S. (Michigan.) It’s interesting to hear about a couple somewhere else in the world who are something like us. My husband left his home country 8 years ago to live in America with me.

    I’ve never been to Spain, but I love to travel. I was happy to find your Podcast and learn about your corner of the world. I’ll continue to listen! Thanks!

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