Podcast No. 11! The teleferico de Madrid

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Today’s podcast comes from one of Madrid’s most curious attractions, the Teleferico…

5 thoughts on “Podcast No. 11! The teleferico de Madrid

  1. Hilary

    Hello there!

    I live in Los Angeles and I am moving to Madrid on August 23rd to study (el español) at UC. I just listened to your podcast for the very first time, I am pleased to know a couple of the insider tips from the market now ; ) I am not a touristy- type. I prefer to prove to the locals that I’m not just another American blonde looking for the nearest club to party at. I am very excited to learn more about the language and culture, as I have only been to Madrid and Barcelona once- and only for a few days at a time.

    Thank you for providing the info to all of us, and I hope to continue to learn more from you and not be known as a “giri” : )

    Do you mind if I ask you for advice sometimes via email? I am trying to work out there, but I don’t have the proper visa. Do you have any suggestions?

    Muchí­simas Grací­as,


    Hilary Paris
    Future Madrileña

  2. Ben

    Feel free to email me, my address is on the right of this page. Americans do work here but without a contract if they have no legal residence status. Lots of English schools for example are prepared to overlook this.

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