Podcast no. 17! Pintxos in San Sebastian

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An evening eating in the mouth-watering pintxo bars in San Sebastian, one of my favourite cities in Spain. Pintxos are the Basque version of tapas, and one of the most refined and enjoyable culinary experiences on the Iberian Peninsular. Don’t miss out on San Sebastian on your next trip to Spain…

12 thoughts on “Podcast no. 17! Pintxos in San Sebastian

  1. Sinto Carlos

    All links work for me. Sounds very good so far (and delicious) – I’m still listening.

  2. Emily

    I downloaded it from iTunes and it was delicious! Thanks for bringing San Sebastián to me here in Provo, Utah. Oh how different the two towns are… Can’t wait for the next podcast!

  3. Henrique Freitas

    Congratulations on this excelent podcast. I’ve just subscribed to it a couple of weeks ago, but I’m enjoying it a lot.
    Really makes you wanna go to Spain.

    Henrique – Brazil

  4. Pintxolari

    Really! Keep one meal to eat pintxos in the bars. Just go into bars and drink and eat! The tradition is to ask for a drink, and then try a couple of pintxos in taken from bar (or ask them as well if you want hot ones). You will pay at the end. But don’t expend all your time in just one bar. Eat one or two per bar, and then leave to another. Each bar has their own especiality. Ask to the barman which is!

    And, if you want to plan your routes, you can search on the Internet for “www.todopintxos.com”.


  5. Andrew Edwards

    Yesterday Zarautz and today San Sebastian. Excellent stuff but now I am looking for the next cheap flight to Bilbao. Thanks again for making these podcasts, they are hugely enjoyable but unsettling!

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