Coastal Destruction – Hurray for Greenpeace

Greenpeace are demanding the demolition of a monstrosity of a hotel built right on the shoreline of Almeria’s spectacularly wild Cabo de Gata National Park.

The activists claim that the position of the hotel is illegal, as it should be at least 100 metres from the sea. A hotel was once demolished on the Costa de la Luz in not dissimilar circumstances, but this time the construction company has building permission. For this one to be demolished the owners would have to be repaid the entire cost of the project, and that seems unlikely to happen.

But all my support goes to Greenpeace. There isn’t much unspoilt Mediterranean coast left here in Spain and what there is should damn well be left untouched. If I didn’t have ten thousands translations to finish before next week I’d be down there with them….

Anyway, my advice is to see the Cabo de Gata Park while you can, looks like it’s going to be one big Apart-Hotel golfers paradise before too long.

One thought on “Coastal Destruction – Hurray for Greenpeace

  1. Paul Read

    Hi Ben

    Well, yes its true that theres not much left of the the med coastline that hasnt been destroyed. Living just off the N340 ive seen the process first hand over the last ten years. But, the problems that tourism throw up are not easliy answered. The demand for coastal living is exceptional, particularly so here in Spain where 60% of the pop live withing a 100km of ther coastline.
    This has caused, and continues to create not only ecological problems, but terrible social injustices as foresteros ( not
    unlike myself come to think of it) have moved into an area where locals have raised rents and land prices to match the income of the new arrivals. Fine on one level, that is unless you are born here, are paid locally and therefore all property and social interactions become prohibitively expensive. This is just the top layer.
    On my particular stretch of the N340 where the new med motorway is being constructed, the pressure of coastal developments has resulted in the deaths of immigrant workers this week. Unreal deadlines, unfair working conditions, the pressure from the local councils to complete their sections and to invite in the “centros commerciales”, golf course and yet more urbanisations as land becomes re-regulated.
    Coastal development has a high price indeed. The jellyfish invasion this summer, the sequia still present in the south and the ever present invasive corruption where large investment is taking place is part and parcel of this side of town.
    Im sure things arent that different last time I was up at the capital? Or maybe I’m wrong?

    On another note entirely. Like the podcasts and Marina’s ( did I hear her name correctly?) presence has enriched them no end. A final question….you describe “taking your podcast equipment with you”. As a local novice to the podcast world, could you tell me what equipment you need to get underway? Ive been playing around with the notion for some time but technically keep triping up without guidelines. If you get the time…..I’d appreciate it.

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