Notes from Spain/India Podcast no. 32 – Enduro India!

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At last, the India podcast. I hope it conveys the outstanding time I had in those two weeks.

Click here to see the photos.

Thanks again to all that sponsored me – all the money I raised through your generous donations, 1750 pounds sterling (half the cost of the trip), went directly to the charities you hear about at the end of the podcast: The Rainbow Trust, The Mother Theresa Educational And Charitable Society, and the World Wild Life Fund.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you are interested in taking part in Enduro India, then see their web page.

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33 thoughts on “Notes from Spain/India Podcast no. 32 – Enduro India!

  1. Heather Wood

    Dear Ben

    Thank you for undertaking Enduro India and raising much needed funds towards our work with families who have a very sick child. Fritha has come back brimming with excitement having travelled with such an interesting group and clearly enjoyed the trip very much whilst representing Rainbow too.

    The photos and commentary are brilliant and give great insight into the wonders of the people, scenery and places you have visited.

    My heartfelt thanks on behalf of all at Rainbow and the families you have helped us to help.

    With best wishes

    Heather Wood CEO

  2. Lawrence

    Well done Ben. The comment above says it all.
    A really worthwhile thing to do and some fascinating listening to boot.

    I loved the sounds of the people and the descriptions of the smells and of cows wandering down streets. We get excited down my street if we spot a squirrel.

    It sounded like a great and out of the ordinary experience.

  3. Randy McCallister

    Dear Ben,
    Enduro was an incredible job of editing and production. Your equipment and your knowledge of the equipment is outstanding. The quality of the experience that you were able to share was just fantastic. I felt like I was listening in living color!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and senses from India.

    Best Wishes. I enjoy all of your and Marina’s podcasts.

    – Randy

  4. jt_skip

    Hola Ben,

    Brilliant editing, and once again I really enjoyed listening to the sounds of your Journey. Thank you for allowing myself and your audience to share that experience!

    I can say that my image of India has been shattered!

    best regards,

  5. jt_skip

    Shattered in a good way, I think!

    just to expand on that, traditionally when I think of India, I think of a desolate land, inhospitable, depressing poverty. And I’m sure there is some of that, for that is what we see sometimes. I was delighted to see and hear something completely different, the images of a beautiful place and a people that have found happyness despite thier means. I don’t think I explain it well, but lets just say that “preconcieved notions” should be checked at the door!

    I think that is just one of the reasons I enjoy listening to your podcast. I feel that you do a great job of capturing an experience, opening a window if you will, no matter if it is just cooking up a little dinner in your kitchen with Marina, or as in this case with India.

    best regards,

  6. Ben

    Jt_skip – Same happened to me in India in fact, all pre-conceived notions flew out of the window shortly after arrival!

  7. Jon Walker

    Just when I thought the memory was fading the podcast took me right back. Captured India in 23Mb! Excellent photos too.

  8. viv rogers

    Hi Ben. What a wonderful way to record the trip of a lifetime. It is lovely to sit here and just shut my eyes and be transported back to Inida. Well done mate

  9. Rui Abecassis

    Hola Ben
    Que divertida esa aventura y la naturalidad de tu podcast. Como es esto del enduro india, muy caro o se puede hacer? Voy seguir mirando tu pagina, pero igual te queria felicitar por el programa y la generosidad con que descriviste India, los chicos los Saris etc , que son las memorias que guardo de mi viaje a India en el 1997. Saludos, buen trabajo, un abrazo, Rui

  10. Ben Post author

    Si que es caro, pero la idea es que recaudas un parte del dinero con donativos, algo muy comum en inglaterra. Yo recaude la mitaz que es la parte que va destinada a los ong’s, pero hay gente que incluso saca todo el precio en donativos.

    Para mas informacion, precios etc, ver

  11. Rob Mockett

    Hi Ben !! What a fantastic thing your podcast is!! I have found it difficult to settle down having got back from enduro India ,I keep thinking ,3 weeks ago we were here ,4 weeks ago we were there ,5 weeks ago we were just setting off!The Podcast brings it all back to life again ,a great thing for those of us that were there and tantilising for those who have yet to do it!!I thank you for helping keep the memories very much alive and will now be a regular listener to your interesting broadcasts,especially as we travel to spain quite a bit.Again well done and keep well All the best Rob Mockett(one of the ambulance users!!)

  12. Wendy Smith

    Hi Ben, this is totally fantastic, what a terrific thing you have done. A lovely way to remember the trip and for keeping the memories fresh. Thankyou so much. All the best, Enduro nurse Wendy x

  13. Bernard Ferguson

    Hi Ben, Came across the site when I was researching Enduro India experiences – I am booked in for 2007. Found the pictures great and the podcast amazing. Seemed pretty self assured to be working on that with all the mayhem around you. Could you let me know what equipment you used for the podcast – recording and editing. Great Job!! Bernard

  14. Micah

    Thank you for taking the Enduro trip. I felt as if I were a part of it. I’ve always enjoyed learning and experienceing Indian culture and this was just great. I certainly enjoyed every bit of the Podcast and look forward to more from you.

  15. mexist

    Very cool. How did the charity thing work? Was part of the cost for this trip donated? I just returned from India myself, and I was doing volunteer work for a humanitarian organization called Karuna Society for Animals and Nature. Here’s my India page:

  16. Alice McDougall

    Hi Ben and Marina,
    We really enjoyed hearing about your life in spain via podcasts and Ben and John’s india trip. Ben, your descriptions of everyday in India are very vivid and bought back memories of the time I spent working in Calcutta and Madhya Pradesh in 1993. India is a wonderful, challenging country and hard to convey to those who haven’t been, but youv’e succeeded. Congratulations!

  17. Colin Chesterman

    My compliments Ben for your great podcast and pictures of Enduro India.
    I have signed up for this in Feb 2007, and your piece was a real insight for me. Glad you made it intact, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the trip.
    Colin C

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  19. Steven Sears

    Awesome Ben, great podcast and the pictures brought it all to life. I am very pleased you made it through the trip and hope I manage the same feat when I go in February 2008!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures and a big well done!

  20. Kim Rieck

    Well, now you’ve done it. Found the podcast last winter and now I’m signed up for the 2008 trip and looking into airline flights from the States. I’ve watched the movie about 12 times and my family is pretty sure I’m around the bend. And you started it, Ben!

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