Govt. to Spanish Motorists – ‘Do you think you’re going to die on the road?’

The latest tactic to avoid deaths on the roads this Easter is direct, to say the least. A TV ad. shows an operator in a cubicle phoning random numbers and asking the person on the other end if they are planning to use the car this Easter. ‘And do you think you are going to die on the road?’ she goes on to ask…

105 people did die in 88 accidents over the same period last year, and with over 15 million journeys expected over the next 10 days, the government isn’t optimistic.

So is it safe to drive on the roads in Spain? The answer is yes, but if you are of a nervous disposition, try to avoid night driving, bank holidays and weekends… better still, take the train.

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5 thoughts on “Govt. to Spanish Motorists – ‘Do you think you’re going to die on the road?’

  1. Mark

    I know this isn’t related to this entry, but I wonder where has the Books on Spain section gone?

  2. Ben Post author

    Sorry, it’s coming back very soon. All part of the process of getting everything back under this one roof. Should be done later this week!

  3. greytop

    As many killed again this year. Seems to be a greater chance of dying if you are in an accident here. Lack of seatbelt users, less effective crash barriers & road markings, longer response by emergency services, foreign drivers, excess speed, distraction all seem to be reasons. Be aware that the Traffico department are slowly getting to grips with the problems and there are a lot more speed cameras and police patrols around than a few years ago. The Spanish press criticised the authorities for running publicity campaign rather than tackling causes! Avoid holiday weekend travel if you can!

  4. Ben Post author

    Something crazy like 47% of those dead weren’t wearing seatbelts, so people really could do more to help themselves…

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