7 thoughts on “Franco speaks to the World – In English!

  1. Christian

    This is excellent news! Let me explain. A family legend has it that my grandmother who was working for General Motors in Madrid in the early 30’s, had a sideline as an English teacher. Guess who one of her pupils was! This was before he was a general and of course before the political situation went down the loo. My Spanish wife and friends are reluctant to believe the story, partly because the idea of the old bastard learning something from a woman is patently ridiculous, but also because there was no evidence that he actually spoke English.
    You have given us the proof (sort of) that we have waited 70 years for.
    I can’t thank you enough and I apologise on behalf of Grandma.
    By the way, her stay in Madrid came to an end when she caught typhoid, was measured for a coffin and had to go back to London to recover.

  2. Ben Post author

    Great, what a fantastic story! I’ m glad we have cleared up this long running family confusion! Your Grandmother must have had some amazing stories from those days in Spain.

  3. Mike

    “Thanks to the thousands of souls who followed [highway] movie man in defense of civilization. And thanks to all those who hear this will to [restrict] them all over the world: country, religion, family. This is our way and our [train]. Viva España!”

    Go figure!

  4. Greg(Cubix)

    After seeing Mike’s transcript, it now makes sense.

    Now does anyone know what he means by what he was saying, or when he said. My google search didn’t turn up anything

  5. doctor pakete

    Thanks to the

    Thousands of souls who follow

    Our movement in defense of civilization

    And thanks to all those

    Who hear this where to spread they all over the world

    Country, religion, family this is our faith and dream

    ¡viva españa!

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