NFS Spain Photo: Tarragona Human Castles

Castells Tarragona

During the first weekend of October of even years (2006, 2008 etc), Tarragona bullring holds one of the most bizarre spectacles to be found in Spain, the ‘Concurso de Castells’, the human castles competition. Every year there are serious injuries as these towers topple to the ground, the worst of which led to the death of a twelve-year-old girl earlier this month in Capgrossos de Mataró (Barcelona), when she fell from the top of a nine-story castle.

7 thoughts on “NFS Spain Photo: Tarragona Human Castles

  1. Mark

    In the States, this kind of celebration/custom, would never happen for fear of lawsuits. In fact, 99% of the celebrations and customs in Spain would be outlawed (in the so-called land of liberties) for fear of lawsuits. Events like Los Sanfermines, La tomatina, Las fallas, lo de Coria, etc.

    In Spain and in other countries in Europe, my impression is that the attitude is, “Too bad that person got hurt. They really should have been more careful…”

    Anyway, ‘Concurso de Castells’ kind of reminds me of Pamplona where people dive of one of the monuments in to the hands of the crowd below- I can’t remember what this was called.

    Grand Haven, MI

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