Notes from Spain video: 3.5 minutes in the Retiro

The experiments in celluloid continue (aka Ben goes for a wander with his Canon Ixus!) Flamenco on a sunny afternoon in Madrid’s Retiro park… Forgive the wind at the beginning and dig those passer’s by! Direct video link

11 thoughts on “Notes from Spain video: 3.5 minutes in the Retiro

  1. Marbella

    Cool! Interesting that although the focus was on the singer the passers-by stole the show. Footwear in the Retiro. It’s good quality too – that little camera picked up all that?

  2. richardksa

    Wonderful!!!! You some captured the true essense of Retiro Park. I love it there. And I meant to have a go on the segways before my last visit and forgot all about it while was there. More please.

  3. Ben Post author

    Thanks all, glad you like it! I think I could probably get better quality yet from the ixus… Google makes it look a lot worse than the original… further experimentation required!

  4. celia stevenson

    Fantastic…. For a few moments, I really felt as if I was in Retiro park!The musician was very good too.I hope he is there next week when I am in Madrid!
    Keep experimenting,Ben.

  5. Skip

    Another great experiment! I was begining to get worried that no-one would drop any Euro into the Case, then at the last moment, the nice old lady strolled over… and saved the day!

  6. dave

    Great video. I long for Spain, this video almost moved me to buy a ticket right away. 🙂

    What was with the look and the point at the end? Did he ask you to keep an eye on his guitar as he ran off for a bit?

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