Niscalos – Autumn Mushrooms


These are what the Spanish are stooping to pick off hillsides in these autumnal days, the wonderful, bright orange mushrooms, niscalos, that we mentioned in the last Cuisine from Spain podcast. Personally if I saw these in a field I would think twice about eating one, but apparently they are very nice – so they should be at 9 euros a kilo!

3 thoughts on “Niscalos – Autumn Mushrooms

  1. Graeme

    They are nice, and I got given a big box of them yesterday. Apart from more standard ways of cooking them, you can make a very tasty risotto with these.

  2. Patrick Whitaker

    I have been eating these every October/November for the past 20 years. Whilst many people may mix them with ham, bacon or even vegetables. I still consider that the best way to bring out the flavours is to serve them a la plancha with a green sauce composed of olive oil, parsley and garlic. The price very much depends on the amount of rain we have had over the summer and autumn. I have known the price as high as 30€ a kilo and as low as 5€ a kilo. I paid the lower price 5 years ago in Cuenca.

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