ETA announce return with airport bomb

A very sad day for Spain. The ETA ceasefire has come to an end as they plant a bomb in Madrid’s Barajas Airport Terminal 4. The bomb was placed in a van in a car park next to the airport, and was detonated in a controlled explosion by police, bringing down five stories of the building. Five people, including two police officers, were injured, though not seriously. Two phone warnings alerted police to the bomb, the second caller speaking in the name of ETA.

It seems incredible that this should have happened again, that another ceasefire should fall apart after less than a year. But perhaps I have always been too much of an optimist. What solution is there for the Basque problem now?

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6 thoughts on “ETA announce return with airport bomb

  1. flexichick

    So sad. There’s barely a mention of this here in NYC.

    My friend works for Iberia – that’s their terminal – right? The new section? I haven’t managed to talk to her today, but I know she isn’t working this week, so should not have been in the area.

  2. Skip

    I agree, it is very sad that the “eta” continue to believe that this type of violence will help them achieve thier goals? Do they have any credibility left at this point?

  3. neskadebilbao

    I don’t know where to begin. How disappointing. I guess what comes to mind is why. I ask this to ETA and to the Spanish government. Why hasn’t anything happened since the cease fire? What was the govt waiting for? However, I also think that this act of violence by ETA was completely uncalled for. Speaking from the perspective of an extranjera that studied in Bilbao I sympathize with the Basque people who seem to have lost hope. Hopefully this problem can be resolved sooner than later.

  4. Ben

    Hopefully it is just a radical splinter group of ETA and not the whole organisation that has planned and planted this bomb in the hope of disrupting the peace process…. but that may be me just being optimistic again…

  5. Eline

    Iwas in terminal 4 from five that afternoon, standing, and standing…forvever in a line to check in, and then to board a flight. What a mess..broken doors, and glass. But it was amazing how everyone help eachother, and that life goes on 🙂

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