El Pueblo Ingles – Notes from Spain Podcast 55

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Richard Morley comes to Spain on a regular basis to victimise Spaniards, as he and his fellow anglos subject them to 8 days of non-stop English conversation. In return he gets full 4 star bed and board in some of the nicest parts of Spain. In the podcast Richard explains how the whole thing works, and how it has changed his relationship with Spain. For more information check out his article on the whole experience, and head over to sign up at the Pueblo Ingles website.

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13 thoughts on “El Pueblo Ingles – Notes from Spain Podcast 55

  1. Natalie

    there’s greek music playing in the background!!!!!!! how come?!! anyway i wish i could do this but i know spanish, and i think that’s against the rules lol.

  2. Ben Post author

    It’s on Juan de Urbieta just up from Ciudad de Barcelona on the right, before you get to Calle de Granada. Can’t even remember what it is called I’m afraid!

  3. Patty

    Thanks! I applied to Pueblo Ingles immediately after listening to this podcast and was just informed that I got in. Yipee!!

  4. Patty

    When I applied, I asked for dates in October and November, since I’m really booked until then. I got the week of November 16, which I think was my first choice. This will be my second trip to Spain in the calendar year, as I will also be on a bike trip along the Camino Santiago in mid-May.

  5. Barb

    I loved my week in Pueblo Ingles, I went to La Alberca. It was very hard work, lots of talking, little sleep, great food, fascinating people and at times a little too much to drink. Met some wonderful people, both Spaniards and Anglos.

  6. raytibbitts

    @nevermind: That is the first less-than-positive thing I have heard about Pueblo Inglés.
    I am interested to know what you had problems with, and which side you participated in.

  7. Beckett

    Yes, “Nevermind”, I agree with RayTibbitts….please tell us what happened at Pueblo Inglés. I’ve only heard positive things as well.

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