News: ETA to end ceasefire

ETA says their ceasefire with Spain and the Spanish government will end at 00.00 hours tomorrow, Wednesday, when they shall return to a defense of their principles with arms. Zapatero’s government is blamed.

Oh well, balls to optimism then. When ETA announced their ceasefire in March last year I, for one, was optimistic. After all, don’t we live in an age where, in politically advanced democracies, internal terrorism just doesn’t seem like a viable option any more? Changing attitudes since 9/11 and all that… How sorry I was then, when that ceasefire was originally announced, to see so many Spaniards on the TV declaring that this was just another smokescreen, that it was a meaningless gesture that wouldn’t last a year. Yet how right the pessimists, or perhaps they are realists, were. Where oh where does the process go from here?

December’s Barajas airport bombing obviously didn’t bode well.
BBC: Eta to end ceasefire with Spain ETA anuncia en un comunicado que da por finalizado el alto el fuego

11 thoughts on “News: ETA to end ceasefire

  1. Theresa

    I was one of those pessimists too. We’ve seen this kind of thing before and so far nothing has changed. Of course internal terrorism isn’t an option, but just tell ETA that; they aren’t willing to budge an inch on their demands, and they still expect people to take them seriously.

  2. Jon Hundt

    I think most Europeans and Americans will agree that it is just beyond comprehension. We all have groups within our societies that want “more” of something. I can’t quite figure what the ETA wants. When they finally win their independence through armed struggle (as if that could ever happen) what will they be that is so different from what they are today? A major international force to be reckoned with? A small non-viable people’s republic?

    It IS possible to have some pride in who you are within a larger nation. I think the USA shows that and the EU too.

    If anyone can point me to a declaration from the ETA that explains in common-sense language what they are trying to achieve, and how this armed “resistance” is supposed to help, I would appreciate it.

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  4. Mark

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    ETA has been saying this for years. In ’94, my wife and I missed the bombing in San Sebastian by an hour and a few days later in Madrid, while we were day-tripping in Segivia, we missed another.

    My friends in Cáceres and Sevilla have zero confidence in ETA keeping their word.

  5. greytop

    Even more worrying is the report in the newspapers that they are recruiting a whole new bunch of young men ready to prove themselves in “action”. We Brits were never very optimistic that the IRA would ever accept a negotiated solution in N. Ireland but they seem to have done that, so maybe there is room for a little optimism that ETA can one day do the same & that the Spanish government have the will to bring this about. Let us hope no more people have to die for that to happen.

  6. Londinense

    Sorry, the previous comment is incomplete.

    It should say:

    Hi Ben!
    Hola Marina!

    I know that I’ve said I wouldn’t return to this site, but it happens that when I heard of this ending of "ceasefire” (can you tell me of which war?) you both and your good hope nearly two years ago came to my mind. I couldn’t stand how blind you were about the current spanish government.

    I hope that from now on you AL FIN open your eyes and see how evil this Zapatero is.

  7. Londinense

    Well, it seems you are still alive on the net after three years. ¡Enhorabuena! y el placer es mí­o.

  8. Theresa

    Let’s see what happens from here on out; the government will certainly have to change it’s tactics now. Unfortunately, it looks like ETA is gaining ground, after all De Juana is out on the streets, and they’ve got their political party in gorvernment again. Although, from what I heard on the radio this morning, they may be prevented from taking possession of their positions…I can only hope this will be the case.

  9. Londinense


    I think that’s wishful thinking.

    The Zapatero Regime controlles all the television networks, all the radio stations but one (COPE) and all the newspapers but two (El Mundo, La Razón, ABC sometimes).
    It’s hopeless. Spanish public informs itself almost exclusively through TV and that’s 100% controlled by the left and the nationalists.

    Zapatero is heading us to a Chávezlike country.

  10. Edith

    @ Jon Hundt

    I agree, ETA’s political motives baffle me. They had every right to be up in arms against Franco’s Fascist regime, but why do they keep advocating violence? Deep down they must know this so-called ‘struggle’ will lead them nowhere but they keep on going, against the wishes of most Basques. Why do they keep revelling in their victimhood even though the Basques ceased to be victimized after Spain became a democracy? Is it true that terrorists, like serial killers, have certain personality traits which turns them into avengers who are at war with the world? After all, we are only talking about a very small group of people here who do not represent all Basques.

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