Oh brother, it’s naked calendar season again

Seven mothers from Serradilla del Arroyo (small place near Salamanca) have stripped off to pay for their kids’ after school activities. I bet their kids are soooo happy that mum did that, because in a village of just 500 people, their school mates are going to find out pretty damn fast!

Update: Lots of people have found this post due to the appearance of this story in the world press. In the comments below you will find that one of the mothers has left contact details about hot to contact them should you want a copy of the calendar. See the comments below and the bottom of her webpage for more details.

25 thoughts on “Oh brother, it’s naked calendar season again

  1. Jon Hundt

    but all the schoolmates mums are on there too!

    I admit, I am a sucker for this fad. Being over 50 myself, I really enjoy seeing normal women of my own age having a little fun, and looking wonderful.

    These gals could have smiled a little bit more, that always improves the picture. They look a little uncomfortable.

    I say “bravo, well done” and I bet the rest of the town does too – kids and husbands included.

  2. Gary

    My mother is 82… the mental image of her my auntie (86) and their friends on a calendar is proving a difficult one to shake off, thanks 🙂

  3. Catherine m.

    That pic of all of them together wrapped in X-mas accessories would have looked better if they had all been wearing stiletto heels…ok, I’m weird but it’s true!

  4. Royce

    Why not spread the word a little further than the local village. Let the rest of the world know where they can order one these calenders. I bet you’d sell out.

  5. Ben Post author

    I wondered why on earth this post had resurfaced, now I know! Thanks Ryan! Surely these mums could harness the viral power of the net to cover their debts!!

  6. Wayne

    I, too, would buy one to support their cause. No wonder they are having trouble selling them. It seems to be a secret!

  7. Denver Joe

    I really want to help these ladies and buy one, but I need to do it on the internet. I’m searching everywhere for a website.

    Please let me know so I can spread the word amongst my friends here in Colorado. Thanks!

  8. Photo Vin

    I’d like to support these Moms, I read they are being sued and losing money. Where or how does one buy the calendar from. Do they have a website to purchase it from? Any info is appreciated. Thanks

  9. John

    I’d love to know where to purchase a calendar as well, so if anyone knows how to do such, please post a link or some info! Thanks!

  10. Malarkey

    I would buy that “Spanish moms” calendar!… In fact, I would be a sucker for any group of nearly-naked regular moms calendars… there should be a website for marketing calendars like this exclusively!!

  11. Jim


    I got in touch with one of the mothers from the group and she is going to ship a calendar to Boston for me. She e-mailed me the bank info today. I also asked if I could share her info with everybody.


  12. Doug

    I sent you an email this morning. Happy to help and am looking forward to getting a calendar.

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