5 thoughts on “For Spaniards who find Americans confusing…

  1. Julián

    hi ben, i’m a spaniard and i like very much your blog, it’s not only usefull to learn spanish, but also help to improve english to people like me, heheh, have you thought about that?.
    Congratulations for this wonderful blog. here is a link you could be intersted on:
    Hasta siempre!

  2. Dave_K

    @julian: this is a good one — “24) It’s not rude to answer the intercom to your flat by asking ‘Quien?’ (or maybe that was just my flatmate…)”

    Or anwering the phone with “Diga”. We had a Spanish colleague here (U.S.) who initially would answer the phone in English only with “Tell me”. Our boss thought this was very strange.

  3. Mrmark

    First American to criticise the standard of dentistry here, is to be thrown in the Manzanares (better still, the Thames)!!!

    (Just a joke US. Please don’t bomb)

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