Election Special – Poor Mrs Rajoy

Rajoy and Zapatero
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My favourite online trash news site 20minutos.com had some thrilling election news today that I shall happily copy here for our general amusement (they did the same for me a while back, after all).

According to their front page article, beardy Mr Rajoy, leader of the aging and hopefully doomed-again-this-time-round Partido Popular, is unable to find time for sex in the two week campaign leading up to the general election next Sunday, March 9th. (That’s right, friends from America, the campaign here lasts just two weeks! Imagine that!) Zapatero, on the other hand, like naughty footballers before a big match, sees sex in the lead up to the big day as perfectly possible.

More thrilling tidbits from the article include:

How often do the candidates shower at the moment?

Rajoy: Once a day
ZP: Twice a day

How much do they sleep at night?

Rajoy: 7.5 hours
ZP: 6.5 hours

Who chooses their clothes?

Zapatero: Himself
Rajoy: His wife gives him a hand

Who prays?

Rajoy: Before bed every night
ZP: Nope

So, who would you vote for? The lazy religious beardy guy who sleeps more, washes less, doesn’t like nooky, and can’t dress himself in the morning? Or the sporty clean guy, who won’t let an election get in the way of the finer things in life?

39 thoughts on “Election Special – Poor Mrs Rajoy

  1. Jon Hundt

    My own answers would agree with both of them half the time.

    I’m not worried about a guy praying. It might even be a good habit. If you changed the word to ‘meditation’ a lot of folks would say “great idea!”

    I’m not worried about a guy letting his wife help select his clothes; my wife has much better sense about these things than I do.

    How long you sleep at night – well, who can control that? We are what we are. I would wonder about a person who stays in bed awake and doing nothing for too long…

    But – 2 showers a day? I guess one of these guys has a little too much time on his hands… or has some kind of complex about his body being ‘dirty’… sounds a bit psycho to me. Or maybe he has a very strenuous job and works up a sweat during the day…

    BUT – before you all yell at me – I don’t know who either of these guys are, and I have ABSOLUTELY NO OPINION about their politics.

    I sure like the idea of a two-week presidential campaign.

    And I’m sure Holland would welcome either of these gentlemen. We already have people here who sleep 8 hours a day… or more… or less. And people who take no showers… or two… or three.

  2. ValenciaSon

    ZP seems to have more vigor and energy. He also seems more contemporary so I would go with him. Ben, are you saying that American elections run too long?

  3. Pepino

    After seeing a bit of the “head to head” debate the two leaders did last week, I felt it was obvious that Zapatero had come out on top, but you’d never believe it on reading the Spanish papers the next day. I know the newspaper ABC is ridiculously pro-PP, and El Mundo seems to promote them more from what I’ve seen too, but even the free papers on the Metro were supporting Rajoy.

    I like Zapatero. I just wish he’d stop doing that silly thing with his finger over his eyebrow. (Basically, the guy has “V” shaped eyebrows so he’s got celeb supporters posing with an imaginary V with their fingers over their eyebrows. Bit tacky if you ask me! 🙂 )

    Mind you, what would Gordon Brown or even George Bush’s finger signals be??? I can think of one or two good ones! jeje

  4. Ben Post author

    @Jon you are right, 2 showers a day is a bit odd, unless he has got some sort of sport thing going on as well…

    @VS, no, I think 2 years is an entirely sensible amount of time for people to make up their mind about who they want to rule their country next!

  5. Ben Post author

    @Pepino – I feel I have to watch part 2 of the big debate tonight, though doubt I’ll be able to bear more than 10 minutes of The Beard…

  6. Parubin

    @ Ben :
    Two showers a day seem perfectly normal to me considering the man’s vigorous and self proclaimed sexual activity during campaing.

    @ Pepino :
    The reversed ‘V’ finger sign over his eyebrow started because that is the conventional name give to ZP in the sign language for the deaf or hard of hearing.
    In the meetings and speeches of politicians in Spain, there is always an interpreter for the deaf near the tribune so the message could reach them.

    Pretty soon it was noticeable to mostly everyone (not only deafs) that the sign to refer to the President was the reversed ‘V’ sign over his eyebrow (in relation to the shape of his eyebrow) which was kind of funny, or at least so it seemed to PSOE’s marketing advisers who turned that sign into a personal visual motto for the campaing.

    Here’s the link to of how this story began as well as a short video in it with some celeb and anonymous supporters.


    How many of the celeb supporters can you spot in the video??

  7. ese

    Pepino, ¿por qué te molesta tanto que el ABC sea ridí­culamente pro-PP? Si no te gusta, no lo leas, y ya está. El Paí­s Y Público son pro-PSOE y no pasa nada. Cada periódico tiene se lí­nea editorial, y hay que respetarlo. Si no te gusta, no lo compres.

  8. MrsRajoy

    But I’ve heard that Rajoy is gay. So maybe that explains why he’s not having any sex with his wife before the election.

  9. ese

    No me creo que Zapatero tenga sexo todos los dí­as, después de tener 2 mí­tines diarios. Con lo cansado que debe de llegar a casa. Además, me parece frí­volo que estemos discutiendo de esto. A mí­ me interesa más hablar de lo que ha hecho mal y lo que ha hecho bien Zapatero. A mí­ no me va a dar de comer, que Zapatero tenga o no tenga relaciones sexuales con su mujer. A mí­ me interesa más que haga algo para solucionar el problema de la vivienda, como liberalizar el suelo, o que suprima el canon digital.

  10. Pepino

    @Parubin – Well I never knew that. Thanks for filling me in! I happily take the word “tacky” back 🙂

    @ese – I don’t buy the ABC. Unfortunately, I passed through a few airports recently and it’s often the only one they have to give away on boarding, so I made the mistake of picking it up a couple of times. I’ve no real problem with newspapers having political alliances as long as it’s not sycophantic, but ABC really take it to the max. They’re one step away from being a “Hola” magazine for the PP….

    “And here we see the handsome International Statesman and former Prime Minister José Marí­a Aznar relaxing by his luxurious pool. Hard to believe that youthful José, with his full head of hair, is actually 55 years old, as we see him sipping a cold San Miguel and pondering the world’s economic problems while casually brushing his toes in the water”.

    OK, I’m being silly, but the point is true. There is usually something on the cover pandering to the PP while anything ZP has done is hidden away and covered in scorn on the deep inside pages.

    I find the Catalunyan papers slightly more balanced (or at least with only a slight favoring toward ZP) while still covering the “news”.

    But yes, essentially you’re right. No me gusta el ABC y no lo leeré más.

  11. Kes

    What I can’t get used to about living in Spain is that even after the first head to head around 38% of the voters still intend to vote for Rajoy.

  12. Edith

    @ Stuart

    Why should Rajoy move to Holland? 😀 😀 😀

    I would vote for Zapatero, not because I happen to like his special eyebrows (;-) but because of his political program.

  13. Edith

    P.s.: Rajoy appears to be much more likeable than his predecessor Aznar, even though I don’t agree with many of his political views.

  14. Mike

    On TVE1 they’ve been running a count down clock to the start of the debate all day in the top right of the screen – I know, I should have been working. Only one hour to go now… yawn… I was very disappointed in the quality of the first debate – they both seemed surprisingly ill-prepared and happy to accuse each other of lying, rather than promote new ideas for the future, but I suppose that’s politics.

  15. luke

    Zap is certainly slicker but doesn’t seem to be doing much about the looming economic crisis. On a personal level, I like the guy with a beard from the united left party although his ideas are pretty outdated.
    I’m amazed at the amount of parties you choose from. You get 36 choices, in the UK you will get about 8 depending on where you live. Of course that is proportional representation for you.
    It’s also weird that the Carlists have returned to politics and there are two Falange parties. I’m told this return is fairly recent; is this true? The far-right parties in UK try to re-market themselves with new names but the strategy in Spain seems to be to ally themselves with the past. I know it is a tiny minority but interesting nevertheless.

  16. Andrew

    Although this a thought provoking piece I just couldn’t choose between them based on the information given. Good luck to the contenders and may the best man win.

  17. Theresa

    So, ZP is wasting water by showering twice a day…must be all the sex he’s having. 😉

    Actually, whether or not politicians have sex, and who they have it with, doesn’t seem to be a big thing over here. Who cares anyway? I’m more worried about them doing other things, like screwing up the country…which both these guys are perfectly capable of doing. Isn’t there another option?

    And has anyone found “La niña de Rajoy”? It seems she’s still missing.

  18. Pepino

    I like Llave Inglesa’s indepth political analysis! 🙂

    I found the “style” of the debate off-putting. I mean the way the presenter controls the exact time that each politician had to speak. My head was spinning 5 minutes into the programme after listening to all the rules and regulations. It was like…

    “OK, the candidates have changed seats, and the candidate from the PSOE party will be on my left, while the candiate from the PP will be on my right. First, the candidate from the PSOE will have 3 minutes precisely to give an introduction, followed by the candiate from the PP……”

    Oh, for the love of God, somebody just blow a whistle and let them get on with it, pleeeease!. So long as the presenter is any good, she’ll keep control and ensure fairness all round, so the level of time control I found to be a big turn off.

    Also, the habit of lifting pie charts and graphs on paper was a bit irritating. We couldn’t see them on the screen clearly, and they could’ve pointing at any old rubbish just to try to make a point.

    Roll on Sunday, and let’s what happens then! 🙂

  19. Graeme

    The reason why the times and conditions in the debate were so tight was the fault of the parties, not the presenters – there was even problems in finding 2 presenters acceptable to both sides. Everything from the colours used, the camera angles on the candidates to the temperature in the studio was all agreed in advance. That’s also why the debate was not really a debate and the role of the moderator was reduced to saying hello, your time’s up and thank you and goodnight.

  20. Pepino

    Yep, I followed the fuss in the lead up to the agreement that the debate would even take place, and thought it was pretty crazy some of the things they were arguing about. Although, I recall the biggest fuss was about which TV channel it would go out on, and whether it would be freely distributed to other channels or not. But yes, the presenter was little more than a third wheel on the bike rather than being there to direct the questions and get the most out of the candidates.

  21. Mike

    Yes, the format of the debate was frustrating to watch and pretty pointless as there was no flowing argument. Maybe I’m too used to seeing people like Dimbleby or Paxman chairing debates/political arguments on the Beeb.

    @ValianceSon: So who is winning? Certainly not the electorate.

  22. Parubin

    @ Valenciason :
    IMO, both debates seemed like a close tie between them both (one would have liked one better than the other depending his/her preferences).

    ZP looked confident on his re-election and somehow allowed Rajoy to show a more aggresive profile (Rajoy accused the President of lying a number of times) and had all topics and issues well prepared.

    On the other hand Rajoy seemed more natural and sponateous giving quick responses as he probably is a better speaker and is better prepared for head to head discussion.

    Most of the polls showed a significant and conclusive victory to ZP on both debates but it is argued (and could be probably true) that ZP’s victories on the polls are due to the opinion of people who will not vote for either candidate :

    ZP has a far better image among the former communists and among the catalan and basque nationalist groups than Rajoy but it doesn’t mean that any of those minority groups will finally vote for him.

    The truth is that the number “die hard fans” of both parties is pretty close and the nationalists and communists are not going to vote for either of them so the group of the ‘unsure’ or ‘yet to decide’ turns out to be decisive.

    How both debates could have reached this target group is unknown.

    ZP tried to mobilize as much people to vote this sunday as it is clear that the more people showing up to the ballot boxes the better chances he has (it has been historically proved that with greater attendance figures PSOE has a better chance and otherwise). It seems that Spanish society tends to be both pro-left but a bit difficult to fill with enthusiasm at the same time.

    On the other hand Rajoy called on women and youth (both segments in which ZP seems to be better placed) and insisted on what he called the dangers of massive inmigration to the welfare of Spaniards, Europeans and current legal inmigrants.

    If I had to place a bet for this sunday, I think ZP will win, he is ahead on the polls and in the recent history of Spain the second term re-election has always been a piece of cake for the contending President.

  23. Edith

    @ Stuart


    Yes, some of our politicians actually DO wear orange ties to show their national allegiance. 😉 Perhaps Rajoy is a secret fan of ours? 😀

  24. Graeme

    They’re done. No more debates, no more opinion polls. Two more days of campaigning, a day of reflection, then voting on Sunday.

  25. ValenciaSon

    So besides age, personal hygiene habits, sleep requirements and sexual demands, what are the differences between the two, in the political context?

  26. Nick

    Whatever his personal habits, Rajoy permanently looks like he’s wearing the Jeremy Beadle (God rest his soul) disguise that he used in Beadle’s about. At any moment, he looks like he could rip off his beard and produce that microphone in a gammy hand a la Beadle. Perhaps he is Jeremy Beadle and all the vitriol he comes out with is part of the act – Spain is being subject to one massive Beadle’s About this election.

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