Heading to the Costa de la Luz – Notes from Spain Podcast 71

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Photo: Cabo de Trafalgar, Caños de Meca

Marina and I have just spent 5 days in Andalusia. Join us via the podcast, and check out the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Travel Notes:

In Carmona we stayed at the extremely clean and pleasant Hotel Alcazar de la Reina, which we got a good deal on via booking.com (always worth checking before phoning hotels directly). It’s worth checking if they have a room at the Carmona Parador though too if you can afford it!

In Cadiz we ate at Cumbres Mayores, the best tapas bar in town, and stayed at the very well placed Cortes de Cadiz (booking directly with the hotel).

Photo: El Palomar de la Breña

On the coast we stayed at the incredible Palomar de la Breña, a stunning 19th century Finca surrounded by rolling pastures, lanes lined with wildflowers, and wooded valleys. Go and see it for yourself (and if your Spanish is up to it, chat to the Spanish owner about the history of the region, he is a mine of really interesting information).

Finally, one of my oldest friends, Tom, has a family house that they rent out in Vejer de la Frontera, in the very middle of this wonderful area. I haven’t visited the house yet (soon!) but it looks fantastic and I do know the town – one of the prettiest white hilltop Andalusian villages I’ve seen, which majestic views across to the coast. I thought it deserved a good plug here too!

The main locations from the trip are marked on this map:

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9 thoughts on “Heading to the Costa de la Luz – Notes from Spain Podcast 71

  1. Frank

    We have not stayed at Palomar de la Breña, but we have visited it, popped in to see the enormous palomar and have a drink in the bar. Nice place.
    If you find yourself further inland near Medina Sidonia some time, you could do worse than try this place.
    Nice place, nice people. No connections, we just enjoyed are stay there.

  2. jules

    Judith & I went to Carmona a couple of years ago. An interesting place and quite easy to get there by bus from Sevilla.
    Cadiz; If you go there, I recommend the camera obscura – absolutely fascinating.

  3. Ray

    Ben, greetings from the Costa del Sol,
    I feel for you.
    Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, Fish.
    Once I told my wife that it’s not that I don’t like HER fish, it’s that I dislike FISH in general. Still, she just won’t let it go, meaning she eats twice as much now. (I think she’s trying to compensate for the fish I don’t eat.)
    I am so glad there is someone like you guys to put out a podcast like this. Inspiring effort.
    Good luck.

  4. Stuart

    One thing I really like about dry, more southern climates (or more northern if your from the southern hemisphere) is on a clear day, the sky is so so blue when looking straight up that it appears almost black.

  5. frank

    Some time ago I linked to some of my photos of surfers, and they were all taken on the beach immediately below the faro, to the right. It sloops away quite steeply there, great for the sort of surfing they do there. Playa de Valdevaqueros, back towards Tarifa, is worth a visit if you have not been there, good beach, large sand dunes etc (not quite as boig as Bolonia). very popular with surfers, kite surfers etc.

  6. Ben Post author

    @Frank – I see you are another costadelaluzofile! I love watching those kitesurfers for a while, though in the end it is one of those sports that never better illustrates the fact that humans have evolved to a point where we have far too much free times on our hands. A bit like skiing. Or tennis.

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