7 thoughts on “Final Asturias Photos and Cares Gorge Video

  1. Jonk

    The family I will be staying with Madrid is in Asturias right now for the summer. You can see why… I felt like melting just watching the weather reports from Madrid!

  2. PattyN

    Thanks for including a couple of food photos. I always love these. They help heighten the longing to visit.

  3. John

    I’ve walked the “Garganta” twice. What an incredible place. At the end on the Asturian side you can walk up a very steep trail to a little nothing of a village called Bulnes. Well worth the effort since the town is inhabited by a couple of shepherds, and you get the sense there that time has stood still. For the really adventuresome types, you can cross over the mountains to Fuente De in Cantabria. The whole area up there, the Valdeón, is some of the most striking and amazing landscape I have ever seen. I lived for a month in Posada de Valdeón (back in ’91) and was blown away with the beauty of the mountains, how clean the air was, and how tranquil life can be.

  4. Carl

    Hola B/M,

    My novia and I walked the Cares gorge and arranged for a 4×4 to carry us back to Potes over a pass in the Picos. Walking both directions is for the young and very strong; we are both in our 60’s.
    I would like to add that Potes is also a beautiful town with a great restaurant/hotel called Casa Cayo. The restaurant is quite busy at night as the locals believe it is the best in Potes. Their hotel rooms are modest as it is a 1-star but in 2004 it cost 23 euros a night. Bed and bath were fine.

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