Notes From Ben – Notes from Spain Podcast 74

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Thoughts on Christmas in Spain, changes (or not) in Spain, the future of this blog and more…

Stuff mentioned in the podcast:

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Pure Genius by Dan Sullivan (Worth every cent 100 times over. And not just for “entrepreneurs”)

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10 thoughts on “Notes From Ben – Notes from Spain Podcast 74

  1. Ron

    Ben & Marina,
    Congratulations on the birth of your son.
    You are in for some of best days of your life.
    Raising our three sons(now all in their 20’s), my wife and I had a new experience greeting us every year from baby carriers to toddlers everywhere to first-days-of-school to graduation and off-to-college. It was all great and I miss it. I still miss sitting my young sons in my lap and reading book after book after book to them. What fun times! Make sure you take time to read to baby Leo(?).
    Your life will change but please don’t stop podcasting Notes from Spain, just do all the trips again, this time with the baby. Believe me, the same trip will be a completely different and positive experience. We’ll enjoy hearing about it. Please have Marina speak about the baby, I love her voice and I’m sure the thrill and fulfullment of being a new parent will come through just as it did with Ben.
    Congratulations again, and thanks for the podcasts and the word pictures of life in Spain.
    Ron-St. Louis, MO

  2. Ben Post author

    @Ron, thanks! We will of course be doing more podcasts, and lots of travel again. At the moment we are still getting the world back in order with a new baby running the house! Thanks for your kind comments, y Saludos from Madrid,


  3. Michael

    I think that your idea to visit all of the national parks around spain is an excellent idea! I was just in spain last spring and visited a very nice park in Alcala de Henares, a 30 minute train ride from Madrid. The “parque de los cerros” is really nothing more than a developing nature preserve, but it is absolutely stunning. You can hike along cliffs dropping off into the rio henares, as well as hike alongside ruins of an ancient muslim fortress on that site. There are also a few “peaks” from which you can see out over beautiful Alcala and see Madrid in the background. Absolutely stunning view! Its a fairly easy hike and not far from Madrid. It would make for a perfect day trip!

  4. Mel

    Dang Ben! I’m supposed to be improving my Spanish this week…not getting hooked on your “other” podcast!!
    What you do is so impressive. The site is clean, clear simple. And the podcasts are simple yet riveting as well. I definately say start another site for your Self Improvement stuff. Just keep mutiplying the formula and if you get spread too thin, employ your whole extended family!
    Suerte amigo! Y felicitaciones!
    PS Isn’t it dangerous to name a kid Leo and live in Madrid?…didn’t you consider “Raul”

  5. Ben Post author

    @Mel, thanks for the encouragement! Leo is indeed a risky name in Madrid… thought no doubt RMFC will try to buy Messi one day!

  6. BVO

    So is this podcast finished for good? Haven’t seen a new installment all year. My favorite podcast; I’d hate to see it go away.

  7. Shirley Thompson

    Thank you Ben and Marina! I have been listening to some of your Notes from Spain and Cuisine from Spain podcasts while walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain the past month. I am in Sarria right now about 5 days from Santiago de Compostela. It has been lovely to hear your stories, particularly on some of the longer days when I was walking alone on the high meseta. I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful work and for keeping a pilgrim company over many, many kilometers. I may have a day in Madrid before flying home to Texas around June 3. I would love to share some wine with you, if yáll have time. I am also blogging about my travels…everybody´s got a blog nowadays…right? Email me if I can buy you a drink!

    Shirley Thompson

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