“I LOVE the fact that I never feel rushed in a restaurant” – Great Comment

I love this comment from JoyceM (worth reading the whole thing) in last week’s Accustomed vs Resigned thread:

If they are going to enjoy 3 hour lunches, I am going to enjoy 3 hour lunches. If they are going to invite me out for a two hour coffee, I am going to go and enjoy the amazing flavors, the conversation and getting to know my new friends. By the way, I LOVE the fact that I never feel rushed in a restaurant. Contrast that with NYC and the pressure to “turn” the tables and as a customer, you will pick the Spanish way every time. Also, here you are able to get away with leaving “cheap” tips (the norm). Try that in NYC and see what kind of service you get.

I also love not being turned off a table once the meal is finished, even an hour after the meal has finsihed! Though I have to confess that it still makes the Brit in me nervous deep inside (“I’ve finished, I better go, they might want the table for someone else!”)

Meanwhile, some cool Spain links worth checking out:

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– Check out the lovely old photos of Madrid’s Gran Via in this post at A View Of Madrid, where Richard is fast becoming Madrid’s most eminent ex-pat historian!

– There’s a dark discussion going on in the forum about Spain’s worsening economic situation… including interesting links, such as “Spain’s intelligence services are investigating the role of British and American media in fomenting financial turmoil

14 thoughts on ““I LOVE the fact that I never feel rushed in a restaurant” – Great Comment

  1. Richardksa

    A friend and I had enjoyed a great meal at the RealCafé, the excellent reastaurant at the Bernabeu Stadium, when the waiter told us they required our table as they had had a montón of bookings. He was so apologetic that he escorted us to the director’s terrace where we had complementary drinks for the rest of our evening.

  2. Adam

    I’ve been in Spain(Asturias) for 8 months and I absolutely love “la sobremesa.” That and el botellón are my favourite. They are the best places to eat, drink and talk for hours with friends and family about whatever.

    The one thing I don’t like about Spanish restaurants is leaving the uneaten food. Here in the north, they serve you quite a lot of food, especially if your in a group. Usually there is always some food that doesn’t get finished and the Spanish don’t have the custom of taking the food home for “left overs.” I don’t like to see food go to waste and it’s your food, you paid for it, enjoy it the next day for lunch.

    1. Ben Curtis Post author

      It’s true, I’ve seen absurd portions in Asturias that no-one really expects you to eat. As for taking left-overs home, my suegra is an expert at that! Though I agree, it isn’t common…

        1. BenC

          In Madrid many of the restaurants actually have those cheap plastic fast-food type containers nowadays so they sort it out for you!

  3. Aja

    Hola Ben,

    Siento que este comentario no tenga nada que ver con tu entrada pero solo quería preguntarte si tienes un blog también en español. Me gusta este blog pero también busco blogs que estén escritos en español.


  4. bill (Legazpi)

    One side effect of not being kicked off restaurant tables in Spain is that you can often find there’s a large queue to get in at busy periods. Most VIPs restaurants have large queues at about 2.30 pm as all the office workers pile in there. I never understand the patience of the people in the queue – after all why spend 20 mins of your lunch break queueing to get into VIPs? I’ve also wasted large chunks of my lunch break waiting to be served, which can be quite annoying.

    1. MrMark

      Maybe a good idea to avoid Vips then and get a better meal from a smaller restaurant business? If you ever come back to the UK, measure how long it takes to get served a drink in the likes of Starbucks or Wetherspoons. Believe me the Spanish are light years ahead in this type of service.

      1. Bill (Legazpi)

        I agree. I never go to VIPs out of choice – only when I occasionally get dragged down there by co-workers. In fact I’ve twice had food-poisoning from there!

  5. Canarybird (Sharon)

    I’ve lived in Spain so many years and am so accustomed to the sobremesa that I forget we are lucky to be able to spend long hours over the dinner table, where so many good conversations take place.
    When I go back to Canada for a visit I can’t get over the fact that when eating out it’s customary to pay and go as soon as our plate has been cleared. We have a good life here in Spain!

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