Greatest Tapa(s) In Spain – Gros Beach, San Sebastian

We spent a few days in my favourite city on the planet this summer, San Sebastian (how can you not love a city where one of the main forms of transport is the skateboard!), where we discovered the finest tapa known to man. It was just behind surfy-cool Gros beach, which to my mind is far more interesting that it’s posh, famous cousin, La Concha, on the other side of the old town…

Gros Beach, San Sebastian

So to this mighty tapa, so good it has won it’s own award… It’s a sort of crepey/potatoey bacalao (fresh cod) warm, pickled-peppery sandwitch type colllection of several mouthfuls of bliss, covered in a buttery sauce. How’s that for a description!

Taberna Pagadi

I think you’ll just have to go and try it yourself, acutally, at only 2 Euros a go, you can try two! It’s at Pagadi, which is hidden down a little alley with a couple of other wonderful real-Gros-barrio-bars, about two and a half blocks back from the sea just off Birmingham Kalea (it’s marked on this map). If you’re looking for the ‘real’ San Sebastian, this is it!

One small problem, I can’t remember exactly what this tapa was called – but they only have two which involve bacalao, and this is the one that won the award! Try the calamaris too – wow…

This post is in response to Catavinos request for San Sebastian ideas!

3 thoughts on “Greatest Tapa(s) In Spain – Gros Beach, San Sebastian

  1. jambro

    Hmmm, sumptuously mouth-watering indeed! Truly, I say that San Sebastian has probably the best tapas(or pintxos as they’re called in Pais Vasco)in Spain.

  2. dimonio

    Absolutely agree about Gros. What a great area and much more locals about than La Concha. We had a great time at Aloña Berri in the same street in May. The people were so friendly and very approachable. A couple from nearby spent about 30 minutes telling us where to visit in the city and on our journey from San Sebastian to Bilbao. Also, the seafood at La Rampa on the harbour is one of the best we have ever had. Can’t wait to go back some day.

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