The Spanish Revolution

I hadn’t bought a newspaper in a very long time until I heard about the incredibly exciting events of the Spanish Revolution last week – then I bought El Pais every day while we were out of Madrid on a short break, amazed by what has been happening in the capital’s Puerta del Sol and other parts of the country.

Rather than comment more on these historic events now, I refer you to two much better informed sources of information, that, unlike me, have actually been down on the ground in Sol to see for themselves what is going on.

Check out South of Watford’s reports from Sol, and Enrique Flores’ excellent reportage drawings and videos from the scene.

4 thoughts on “The Spanish Revolution

  1. Pat

    The situation has been a slow burn and it is mesmerizing to see the Spanish find their voice. I too have been reading El País and saw the vegetable patch referred to in the South of Watford blog on the BBC news and BBCMundo

    Your links are very interesting. I like the photo of the Mafalda cartoon, perhaps another cartoon in the series would also be appropriate
    “Todos creemos en el país, lo que no se sabe es si a esta altura el país cree en nosotros.”

  2. Stephen

    Sadly the Spanish did not “find their voice” in these demonstrations. If they had they wouldn’t have followed up by voting the PP in across Spain in the local elections. Most of the demonstrators were no doubt against the cuts. Well, Spain has just voted in the elections for a party much less anguished about cutting services than is the PSOE.

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