Two Great New Spain Blogs

Two great new Spain blogs worth checking out.

The first is Spain by Mike Randolph. Mike is a professional photographer and writer, and this is a great place to learn a lot about Spain and Spanish Culture.

The second is a joint project between me and my friend John, who lives in Asturias. It’s about making time to get away from the computer screen and out into the world: Making Time To Live

2 thoughts on “Two Great New Spain Blogs

  1. Pat

    Thank you for the links to both blogs. Beautiful photos and interesting words. Love John’s sunset – I live in an area with magical skies but so difficult to photograph. I am a blogophile [is there such a word?] so will enjoy dipping in – here are links to two I enjoy: [in Spanish] nice to know how others find us
    and no photos ‘just’ sketches: – hope you still blog here!

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