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For whom the bell tolls

  More classic Hemingway. Set in the pine-covered hills beyond Madrid during the civil war, the American Robert Jordan joins a group of rebels hiding out from fascist forces, and sets out to blow up a bridge in time for a big Republican attack. All the typical Hemingway elements are here, bravado, earth-moving romance, glory, death and tragedy. An incredibly evocative slice of historical fiction which is almost impossible to put down once started.
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Monsignor Quixote, Grahame Greene

  A wonderful journey through Spain in the company of Monsignor Quixote, an aging priest, and his friend Sancho Panza, the communist mayor. Together they set out in Rocinante, an old Seat 600, to encounter prostitutes in Madrid, a hospitable vineyard owner, and the dreaded Guardia Civil. Vintage Graham Greene and a classic take on Cervantes’ Don Quixote.
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Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises

  Pamplona has a lot to thank Hemingway for, or not, depending on your point of view. The wild fiestas he depicts in this book have become known all over the world as San Fermines, and every year thousands of foreigners join the locals to be trampled under-foot in the dawn running of the bulls. Essential reading for the Spain fan, the Hemingway fan, or anyone heading to Pamplona for the fiestas this July.
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