View Full Version : Spanish-English Exchange

11th December 2008, 08:16 PM

I'm from Ireland, 19, studying Pharmacy and have an opportunity for you to learn English.

I would like to explore some Spanish culture and would like to offer this:

I would be going to Spain in March, and for those 4 weeks, I will be in Valencia. Now for April, I have nothing planned, so could stay at your apartment/flat and help you with English and speaking is the best way to practice. I would help you as much as I can, and would contribute to any rental cost if you want.

I am reliable, nice, friendly and willing to help. I also have an online cert in TEFL and a Grammar Certificate and help people on the internet with their English all the time. I wouldn't ask for you to help me with Spanish as I wouldn't expect that if you allowed me to stay with you.

Just this would be a great way to make friends, stay in Spanish culture which I'll love, and for you to help with your English. If you want to speak with me more, and get to know me more, then PM me for my email address and we can speak on MSN/Skype if you wish.

Look forward to hearing from you,