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crackerlady2007 26th August 2010 02:06 AM

What NOT to say if You're Trying to sell a Spanish Learning Program
I got an email from the sellers of Rocket Spanish. It read as follows:


Ola Michelle

How is your Rocket Spanish going, are you learning all that you hoped too?
I just thought I should send you a nice offer that I came across from Pimsleur Spanish.
If your not familiar with the Pimsleur method of learning then you should take a look at his techniques and style of teaching.

These courses are totally audio, can be listened to anywhere and will give you another step up in learning Spanish.

Click Here =>> PM-Pimsleur Spanish<<=

Good luck with your continued learning, I hope it is making a difference in your life

Kind regards

link deleted

Brisbane, Queensland 4102, AUSTRALIA

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Are you joking me?! My reply?



My SPANISH is doing great; no thanks to your expensive program. Spanish comes from lots of hard work, not those who are trying to make money. Besides, why on Earth would I want to have anything to do with a Spanish learning program when the person trying to sell it obviously doesn't even know Spanish since he can't even spell "Hola" correctly?! Take me off your mailing list immediately. The best to you and yours with your money making scheme.

MichelleSent from my BlackBerry® smartphone, powered by RINA
I sound like a very snippy person, don't you think? :) I'm really not. I was actually quite amused. Come on, people? It doesn't take a rocket scientist (no pun intended!) to know how to spell HOLA! :D :D :D

Anyway, I thought people here might enjoy that.

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