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Ben 22nd June 2008 01:20 PM

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! Notes from Spain Forum Rules
Welcome to the Notes from Spain Forum

The forum is all about sharing useful information about Spain and learning Spanish, providing positive encouragement to others who are considering living in Spain or who want help with their Spanish, and discussing other topics of interest such as technology or photography.

There are just a few main rules that we have to have in order to keep the forum a really useful, friendly, and spam-free environment. Please take a minute to read them before posting.

1. Adding value to this great resource

Please try to keep the conversation intelligent, and respect the original poster when you add to their thread.

If you want to go way off topic use the "Life, the Universe, and Everything Else" section of the forum to start a new thread.

2. Be polite!

This forum is an extremely friendly and polite on-line community. Those that post aggressive, provocative, rude, racist, sexist, pornographic etc material or opinions will be banned.

You may report posts that contravene any rules by clicking on this 'report post' icon to the left of each post:

3. Correcting people's Spanish in the forum

We are happy for people to post in Spanish. If you would like others to correct your Spanish please write something like "Spanish corrections welcome" in your signature.

If someone has not written this in their signature, please don't correct them without asking first.

4. Advertising your site or product

Forum members may not use forum posts to advertise, or link to, their own commercial websites or businesses.

You may put one simple link to your site in your forum signature, but users who repeatedly make short or pointless posts with a view to giving the links in their signatures greater exposure will be banned. Join in and post normally and people will pay more attention to the link in your signature anyway.

5. Linking to your own site

If you have a personal site that contains information relevant to a forum thread you may copy and paste that information here, but please don't link to it directly. People will still find you through your signature link. Please understand that this blanket rule is the only way to keep forum spam down.

6. E-mail addresses and Using Private Messages.

Don't post your email address in forum posts, use the forum Private Messaging system instead.

7. Please do not post copyright photos or text etc

Please do not post photos/cartoons on the forum unless you are the original author/owner of the copyright. If you want to show us a picture that you didn't take, just link to the original photo elsewhere on the web.

The same goes for text: if you do not own the copyright, you may quote a couple of lines but please link to an article rather than copying the whole thing here.

8. Affiliate links

You may not post affiliate links in posts to other sites such as Amazon, designed to bring you profit if others click through to those sites and then make a purchase.

9. Enjoy the forum!

Why not start by saying hello in the Warm Up Area?

Ben - Admin

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