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I hear you, I hear you.

I'm not a fan of RipOffAir but I do sneakily admire the hard nosed profit seeking misrepresenting publicity seeking approach. It's almost funny.

I have flown with them and I have vowed to never repeat the experience. I decided that I will never want a "cheap flight" enough to be willing to endure that process. The queues, the extra charges, the people repacking cases to avoid the surcharges, the staff..... Speaking of the staff, I was chatting to one of the cabin crew one time and when I was told of the employment practices I was amazed. Clearly I'm not going to repeat here - maybe over a beer sometime. I have played in a number of bands over the years and some venues do not pay the group, instead they charge the group for the use of the room in a systems called "pay to play".

On the other hand there is another budget airline that is orange and I have never had a bad experience. I find the process to be easy, the flights on time, OK prices and lovely cabin crew.

I fly regularly with Easyjet between Liverpool and various Spanish cities and recommend them heartily. Not all budget airlines are equal.
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