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Originally Posted by saffron View Post
Loved the music and message. Have had good and bad experiences on ryanair. worst was a flight back from Girona on 17th March some years ago. we had a comfortable seat near front of plane when I was boxed in by last passenger a drunk loud irish woman clutching booze. she had a long loud conversation with the stewardess whilst the stewardess tried to remove the booze whe was trying to drink I do remember her self rightous justification " I am a f****ing teacher" from conversation she was intending to fly from stansted to Ireland - suspect she may not have got her connecting flight. at one stage I remember the stewardess threatening to offload her in France - but I thought it was unlikely they would pay additional landing costs - and I was right!
I think one shouldn't fly an Irish airline on 17 March if not alright with drunkards.
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