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Originally Posted by Legazpi View Post
Yes, many things in Spain are more expensive and one of the main problems is lack of competition (there really isn't much of a free market in Spain). The strong euro has also distorted prices comparisons with the UK.
Agree with that although I think the people who notice it less are living more like spaniards. In mi pueblo en Asturias I get up early and hit the market as opposed to the supermarket, I don't eat butter, I tip less (like a spaniard ), I cook at home.

But electricity, beer (in english equivalent quantities ), and often eating out in the evenings, plus the items you mention Dave, have gone through the roof in recent years. And it is not just the pound that makes it appear so. My spanish family are very conscious of it as their salaries are reduced and prices go up. O for the days when Spain was cheap - bring back the peseta
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