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The Mrs needed to buy a small Van for the company that she works for. A couple of weeks ago we did the rounds of all the local Spanish dealers and hammered them all down to their very best prices .... bought as a business, cash payment, no trade-in...

As a comparison we got prices for the exact same Van form the UK dealers - same make, model, extras - same purchase conditions.

The Van we settled on - A Citroen Berlingo - was about 3'500 ( Sterling ) cheaper to buy in the UK, which would more than cover the legal import costs, ( The UK dealer agreed to fit EU headlights at no extra cost ) together with the transport costs and exchange rate costs.

The vehicle would also be available 3 weeks quicker in the UK than in Spain.

Just one of the 3 dealers we approached in Spain took the time to call us back and chase our business up - and seemed genuinely put out that we had chosen to 'support the economy of a foreign country'.

I will gladly support the economy of my new adopted country, but not at the finincial cost of 3'500 Grand, together with receiving the van I want quicker, and with better customer service.

Until Zapatero can support the Spanish Businesses, and until some of them can work out the value of customer service for themselves then these 'Austere Times' could drag on for a little longer...
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