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I live on the Costa del Sol, where prices are often inflated because of the number of foreigners living and holidaying here. However, I never compare prices with the UK or any other country as it's irrelevant to me as everything I have is here. Some things are dearer here, some are dearer still in France & Belgium, some cheaper in the UK, some cheaper in Portugal etc, etc. Where possible I shop in small shops, even if their prices are a tiny bit higher than the supermarkets. I saw what happened in many UK towns - empty shops and out of town shopping and problems with deserted town centres. Plus, I do think I have a responsibility to support the country of my residency.

And, I know I will probably be the only person on the peninsula to say this, but Telefonica came up trumps for me the other week when I was trying to get broadband installed for my Mum. Orange after 4 weeks from the order still had done nothing - Telefonica had it installed within 5 days of the initial phone call.
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