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Constipado - clogged nose in Spanish very different from constipated in English.
In the Philippines, there are words that appear to be Spanish or Spanish words that changed in meaning in various Filipino Languages.

'Ya' (Chavacano) denotes past tense. (Spanish: ya-already)

Siguro means 'Maybe'. (Spanish: seguro-sure, secure, stable)

Syempre means 'Of course'. (Spanish: siempre-always)

Pirmi (Visayan, Chavacano) means 'Always'. (Spanish: firme-firm,steady)

Basta - as long as (Spanish: basta - enough)

Maske - even (Spanish: mas que - more than)

Cubeta - toilet/outhouse (Spanish : bucket)

Mamon - sponge bread/cake (Spanish: sucker)

Casilyas (Visayan, Chavacano) - toilet/toilet seat/to shit (Spanish: casillas-Chess squares/hut /cabin)

Lamierda - 'paint the town red' (Spanish:la mierda- shit, excrement)

Puto - a rice cake (Spanish: Male prostitute )

Baho - pungent/smelly (Spanish: bajo-descend, below)

Sabi - to say (Spanish: saber-to know)

leche - curse word when you are pissed off at someone/something (Spanish: milk)
in Visayan "lecheng yawa" which means milk of the devil. dont know how this became a curse word though.

Coño (conyo) - A type of Englog — English with some Tagalog words—is called Konyo English (Spanish: La vulva es el conjunto de los órganos genitales externos de la mujer, así forma parte del aparato reproductor femenino**)
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