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An interview between Chris Stewart and CÚsar I'd pay to listen to. In between the vitriol CÚsar does make some accurate observations, but, far be it for me to offer him a single word of support.

I wonder if you uncovered a problem in the podcast with the 3rd and probably last book in the series. Driving over Lemons was uplifting and I am sure inspired many to make the move to Spain if not explore that region on holiday. Almond Blossom sees Chris Stewart on his soap-box tackling a subject he clearly feels strongly about but offers no practical solutions to solve. I think for the first time I can see why most Spaniards would have no interest in his books. Sorry about that, I do want to be more positive but I can't.

Perhaps somebody could come up with a subject from the podcast that has a less negative tone to it? I'm not convinced that this is the place to tackle Zapatero's immigration cock up.
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