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Curiously, while catching up with all the podcasts that got neglected over the past few busy weeks, I heard the podcast with Chris Stewart then immediately listened to the interview with Giles Tremlett on the In Madrid podcast site. Both reflect opinions on the Spanish view of immigration, but coming from differing directions. Chris was very emotional and emphatic, while Giles was the dispationate newspaperman. An interesting contrast.

I was glad you did leave in the "African" passages and what Chris said is true. Most Africans are useless at business. I worked there for twenty years before coming to the middle east and it's a wonder I didn't sometimes pull all my hair out in frustration at the illogicallity of what seemed to them, to be quite normal. But if Chris thinks the first world owes some sort of debt to Africa for our exploitation of the continent then we have more than repaid it in the infrastructure we left them. I first set foot there just after most African "colonies" had won their independance from their European masters and was impressed by the legacy.

Since then the continent has deteriorated dramatically. A school-teacher friend working for the British Council in many different countries voiced that the last expat to leave Africa should turn out the lights as it will eventually return to pre-Livingstone darkness. What the illegals are escaping from is a situation much of their own making. I'm trying hard not to be the superior white man, but twenty years on the continent leaves one asking, "Why can't they .......?" For the average African will do little to ease his own plight - even when shown the solution.
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