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Since the initial shock of the announcement, I've really been feeling quite sad at the thought of losing this great community ! A new exprerience for me to grieve the loss of virtual amig@s !
However, I would like to again say muchas, muchas gracias, Ben and Marina, for everything you've done and for your fantastic resources. It's lucky we live in the digital age; had the brilliant audios been on tape, mine would have been totally worn out by now. Thanks to you and your great ideas and lovely style my listening comprehension has advanced no end.
Also thanks to all the foreros - especially the very active ones - I've learnt heaps from you, too - gracias amig@s !
(P.S. Para mí, my problem with the Facebook alternative is, that as far as I understand the system, you need a Facebook account of your own, which I'm still resisting for fear of ending up spending more time on the computer than I want to),
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