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Default Help with this sentence...

I noticed that Ben used this sentence in a previous thread "difference between bonita and guapa."

'Mira, guapo/a, yo no te he faltado el respeto en ningun momento' = 'look love/mate, I haven't been rude to you once'

I was wondering, could someone help me break down this sentence structure? It's very complicated! Faltar means to lack or be missing but i dont get how it means rude... or is that respeto? Also, i dont get how the verb haber plus "yo" and "te" works... ahhh! AYUDAME PORFAVOR!!!!
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I'm not the best at explaining things, but i'll try...

respeto isn't rude, it means respect. So i think that when it says "yo no te he faltado el respeto" it means i haven't lacked respect. And I think the "yo" is just for emphasis, and the "te" is to mean "to you" (I think anyways, i've only been learning 2 1/2 years)

Dunno if that helps

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Yep - it's the lack of respect (la falta de respeto) which means that it's rude.
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Default Well no.

If you are rude means you are not courteos which if you want to see it as a lack of respect for the person that depend of how rude you were, I believe to the person, the word rude do not make an implication or includes the lact of respect to the person he may be rude to a bunch of people and when he talks to you person to person he respect you If you read the definition of the word rude do not imply lack of respect. But you may go ahead and include this. This is one of those words changing meaning or having an active evolution in English. and you should be careful using it when you translate or change your conversation to Spanish. TATA for now. PAco
Rude is not been courteous.
respect es respeto.
Rude is changing and including lack of respect but this is something new.

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