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Default current work situation & cost of living in BCN?

Hello fellow foreros!

I'm moving to Barcelona in June and would really appreaciate any info regarding job searching and the current work situation.

I'm starting a month-long intensive spanish course from 1st July (4 hrs daily) but i will need a part-time work to support myself. I'm thinking bar work would be a good start to master my spanish but i'm not sure how to go on about it. Do people personally go to bars/restaurants with their CVs or is internet application a preferred way? I have an intermediate level of spanish but speak no catalan. I'd like to know what type of work could i find in the summer and in which areas? I would't mind working for an english company but not sure how to look for these types of work...

I'm an Art History graduate with a lot of experience in HR/admin..

Also, what is a standard amount of money needed to cover accomodation, food and going out ( per month without being too extravagant)?

Any info greatly appreacited!!!!

thanks, Daniella
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Old 23rd May 2010, 11:03 AM   #2
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Hi Daniella! I really don't wanna scare you off, but please, think twice before you decide to move to Spain. I was seriously considering moving to Madrid myself, but decided to wait some time until the situation on the job market improves.

First of all, Spanish is a must. Unless you wanna work in a typically tourist area, you really need to have a very decent level of Spanish. Going to Barcelona may only complicate things for you, as it's very common for people over there to speak Catalan. I'd rather recommend places like Tenerife or Marbella for the beginning, and summer is the best time to look for bar work. Nevertheless, don't forget that Spain is now fighting with 20% unemployment level, and finding any job is very difficult - I have friends all over the country and they all agree on that. In terms of looking for jobs - going from one place to another with your CVs is a common practice when looking for 'casual' work; online applications - when applying for more 'serious' positions. The minimum amount of money you'll need to live in Barcelona is probably around 700-800 Euros a month.

I hope this info helps. I really keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you the best of luck!
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Zapatero is also bringing in a bunch more austerity measures to combat the crisis so it will be a while before it gets better.
Finding work or getting things done in Spain is often a matter of "enchufe" or knowing someone who knows someone. Develop a network as fast as you can is perhaps the best advice - there's probably a demand for "black" labour as businesses try to stay afloat and cut their costs.
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Originally Posted by eldenis View Post
Nevertheless, don't forget that Spain is now fighting with 20% unemployment level, and finding any job is very difficult
40% in the under 25 age group.
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Thanks eldenis for your reply, i do research and read a lot about what I may expect, i guess its a matter of luck with the job hunting. A friend of mine based in Bcn has changed her job 4 times since she's been there, but again, thats only working for English companies based there; so not an ideal job for learning the language. I am quite positive ( but realistic) and hopeful that the course will help my spanish and might even get me somewhere further. Anyway, i'll post something here again once I'm settled in Barca!

hasta pronto!
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Old 23rd June 2010, 11:06 PM   #6
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Hey Daniella

I just read your post last night,
I am moving ti Barcelona from Ireland in mid July to do a 4 week spanish course
Are you over there now?
any advice would be appreciated as I'm travelling alone and a little nervous

Thanks a million

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Most casual jobs such as working in a Bar or Restaurant will more than likely just put a sign in the window, or have no shortage of people that they can call on whenever staff are needed. You could try plodding the streets to find anyone with a vacancy, alternatively you could try some of the Recruitment agencies or websites that list vacancies in English, such as or Monster.
- If you need ideas on how to write a CV in as a Spaniard would expect to see take a look at this guide -
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