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Be Spanish – Drink Cava for Christmas!

In today’s guest post, Spanish wine expert Ryan Opaz from Catavino.net says go with the Champagne from Spain!

So often, when we think of the holidays, our thoughts immediately turn to Champagne. Living in Spain, Spaniards also tend to follow the same train of thought, and in truth, it’s just plain sad. Cava is to Spain what Champagne is to France, typically of equal quality and always at a lower price. While the most expensive Champagnes will push 200 or more euros a bottle, you’d be hard pressed to find a Cava over the 50 Euro mark in Spain, and I swear to you, the quality is often times just as good.

Frexeinet is the largest producer of Cava in the world making a wide range of wines and styles. Often known as the “black bottle Cava”, their trademark black bottle is a perennial favorite party wine, affordable and well made. This year, in an effort to market their wines to a broader audience, they’ve commissioned Martin Scorsese to create a short film about one of their other value wines, Carta Nevada Reserva.

The Key to Reserva is a short, simple, yet entertaining, 10 min film in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. I’m not sure if it will sell any Cava, but at the least we all now have something to kill another 10 minutes worth of time with!

Tasting Note:
Carta Nevada Non-Vintage Reserva
Relatively large bubbles as compared to other cavas with a nice light golden color overall. The nose has a a light toasted quality with some almond aromas, pineapple and lemon zest. In the mouth, the wine is fully dry with a softness that leaves a refreshing feeling on the finish. Not a strong wine, delicate flavors of lemon, melon, toast and minerals. Good value for a large gathering. Pair this wine with a variety of lighter dishes. Personally some Gambas a la plancha would be my ideal choice!

Ryan’s blog Catavino.net covers the wines of Spain and Portugal. This December is dedicated to Cava, so check them out for more information.