Podcast No. 2 – Football at the green bar

It’s another Notes from Spain podcast! This one is basically a sound seeing tour taking in:

  • A trip on the Metro
  • Football at the green bar
  • Prostitution on the Calle Montera
  • Saturday night at the Puerto del Sol

Click here to listen (20mins, 9mb).

One Reply to “Podcast No. 2 – Football at the green bar”

  1. Such a good laugh! The dentist’s daughter that tortures you and says to you that you have such an “acentazo”. That really hurt you!!!!!
    Probably you don’t have that “acentazo” but she rather fancied you and that’s her way of waking your attention, a very spanish way, just saying an exagerated compliment or just the opposite.

    Difference between London Subway and Madrid Metro:

    London: “Please, mind the gap between the train and the plattform”

    Madrid: “Atención, estación en curva, al salir tengan cuidado para no introducir el pie entre coche y el andén”

    Next time, dare to interview one of the prostitutes, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! Si lo hubieses hecho, habrí­a sido un puntazo!

    Incidentally, watch out the PROFESSIONAL edition of this record, with nice music from location to location.

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