Interview on Cadena Ser

I was interviewed about the podcasts today on La Ventana, for Spain’s Cadena Ser radio station. Click here to listen.

It is slightly nerve-wracking being telephone-interviewed on the Radio in another Language, especially when your wife has spent all week telling you it’s the biggest afternoon show in the country! ¡Madre mia!

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  1. Hola! he escuchado la entrevista en la cadena Ser y me he animado a visitar la página. Me parece una idea fantástica!!. Animaré a mis amigas extranjeras a que se conecten y escuchen “sonidos de España”.


  2. Hello,
    First I’m Spanish, and my English is not very good, but I’m going to try.I listen every day the programm where you’ve been interviewed. And I really find this website fantastic. You can show to the english speakers just a bit more about my country. I read some of your articles, keep on visiting places. I like travelling over Spain when I have some days off and a found very interesting places that I didn’t know that exists.

    congratulations for your web!

  3. Hi,
    I think today’s interview may be a breakthrough for this site and for your podcasts. I’m here also for the first time as I heard you on the radio. Thank you for your effort and good luck.

  4. hello,
    I’m from Madrid. I heard yesterday your interview on the radio, and it was very funny for me, because I’ve been in La Soleá with a friend from Nottingham last month.
    thank you for the podcast!

  5. Ben, your podcasts and blog are doing for Spain what Hemingway’s books did! For those of who know Spain, listening to your podcasts makes us long for the day we return. For those who have never experienced Spain, they serve as living travel guide that capture the true essence of Iberia. Something that can never be related in any travel book.
    Great interview.
    Thanks for sharing Notes From Spain with all of us.

  6. Hola Ben, yo también escuché la entrevista en la SER. Entré en tu página al instante y, desde entonces, he vuelto a entrar varias veces, hasta esta ocasión en la que veo que has puesto la noticia de la radio, me ha hecho mucha gracia. Estuviste muy bien, y la web me parece una idea fantástica. Animo con ella!

    Un saludo.

  7. Hey Ben, I just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job in the interview. The first thing I thought was how hard it must be to be interviewed live over the phone in another language. I’m a native Spanish speaker who is fluent in English but I still don’t know if I could master an interview over the phone as you have. Then again I don’t know why a radio station would be calling me! It was a great way to promote your website and podcasts. I will make sure to tell all my friends who have great interest in Spain.
    Zorionak (Felicidades)!!!!

  8. Hi Ben,
    Maybe you should’ve pointed out here, that Cadena Ser is not the local amateur radio station in the neighbourghood, in fact it is the biggest nationwide station in Spain, with, by far, more listeners than any other station here.
    I can’t wait for your next podcast in the Bernabeu Stadium. I think you should consider focusing more on everything surounding the game (people going to the stadium, nearby bar conversations prior to the game, how to buy a ticket…).
    Good luck.

  9. Thanks for all the comments from those of you that heard the Ser interview. The whole experience certainly boosted my Spanish speaking confidence – if I can cope with that then I can cope with just about any Spanish speaking situation from now on! I’ll defintely follow up some of your ideas for the Bernabeu cast Pol, though it may not happen for a while yet, hopefully before Christmas I’ll get to a game.

  10. I actually thought you were kidding when you said you were not Spanish! I have taught Spanish in Australia for several years and, believe me, I haven’t got any student speaking Spanish as you do (even among those who have been studying for ages or have spent a long time there). Pol is right: you need to tell English people that CADENA SER is not just “a radio station” and the program “La Ventana” is indeed a very well respected program! If I have broadband Internet in Oz is because I couldn’t live without listening to it!
    Congratulations on your website and podcasts.

  11. Felicidades, Ben! eres el pionero en esto, y estoy de acuerdo con uno de los comentarios que he leido en la página (que me encanta, por cierto), que eres como el Hemingway de las nuevas tecnologí­as 🙂
    He escuchado la entrevista en diferido, y me ha gustado mucho.
    Animo!! y mucha suerte!!

  12. Ben,

    Do you have the phone # of Cadena Ser?
    I was a guest last year and wanted to
    connect with them again.


    Oshana Himot
    The Road to Personal and Social Joy

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