Notes From Spain Podcast no. 29! – Pisto

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We’re back! It was about time for another in the original Notes from Spain series – thwarted in our attempts to get to Asturias for the weekend, we bring you another delicious cooking cast – this time it’s ‘Pisto’, the wonderful vegetable stew served with eggs and bread.

Plus we discuss whether or not the Spanish deserve their fame for being lazy, and whether or not this is truly a liberal country these days.

Something I’d like to add: a couple of times in the podcast I mention that Spain was different when I arrived 7 years ago. Don’t worry, everyone said the same to me when I arrived – Spain is always being accused by ex-pats as having been better when they first arrived. But worry not, it’s still just as magical as it was when I first got here, come and have a look some time!

The recipe: Chop up 1 corgette/zucchini, 2 green peppers, 1 red pepper, and 2 onions, and fry in olive oil until tender (about 15 mins). Add 1 large tin of tomatoes, salt, a bay leaf and a sprinkle of oregano. Cook for 15 more mins. Fry an egg and place on top to serve. Tastes even beeter after a day in the fridge!

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13 Replies to “Notes From Spain Podcast no. 29! – Pisto”

  1. Something very restful about the sounds of cooking in the background! I have to say that of all the non-music podcasts I listen to, and I try to get about a bit, yours are amongst the best and most professional (in a good sense). Really good work, guys. The Podchef is worth a listen, by the way; opinionated, entertaining, good cookery.

  2. That was great! My Spanish wife, Nieves, and I listened to your podcast on Soundsticks in our own kitchen as we cleared up after our supper. I promptly put the ingredients on the shopping list and look forward to giving it a go.

    Though born in Galicia, Nieves has lived in Geneva since the age of 9. Spain has changed immensely in the 30-odd years since she left. Though we return each year to her pueblocito in the province of Orense, we don’t have a full sense of what daily life is like. By taking mundane events, like a walk in the park or preparing a meal, your podcasts fill that gap.

    We look forward to more.

  3. Ben and Marina,

    As always I enjoyed your podcast! To answer your question about American Sunbathing, Almost No one in the US sunbath’s topless, most places it is probably prohibited, The only exceptions would be private “nudity” camps, and actually in Austin – TX, the place where I am from, there is this public county park known as Hippy Hollow, which is a rocky beach on our local lake, this is the only place that I’ve ever heard that allows nude sunbathing, but it is really quite a wierd place and has been taken over by the gay community.

    American attitudes about nudity and the human form are really different then those of Europe in general. It was refreshing when I saw a Swedish commercial that openly discussed nudity… it seemed so mature? I’m not sure the American public could handle nudity on the beach, there would be those idiots that could not handle the maturity.

    Also I must admit, a few years ago, while down in the carribean, I and a group was playing vollyball when several nude sunbathers plopped down beside us… which I must admit made even me uncomfortable.


  4. Thanks for the info. I think the English are similar to the Americans in this you know. Some might call it repression, I know the Spanish would…

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