Notes from Spain Podcast no. 35 – El Escorial

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Ben and Marina visit El Escorial and fulfill a rather special listener request from the plaza in the picture below (click to enlarge).
3 more photos here.

Update: She said yes! Congratulations Eric and Sara on your engagement, we’re honoured that you thought of us to help you out!

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4 Replies to “Notes from Spain Podcast no. 35 – El Escorial”

  1. Bravissimo !

    Este Podcast me da ganas de ponerme a hablar
    el castellano de nuevo.
    Tuve el DELE hace unos anos pero haora no practico el
    espanol y me lo estoy perdiendo poco a poco
    Vivi 2 anos en Madrid para trabajar en 1995 y 1996


  2. A beautiful, well constructed and infomative podcast. I wanna go there now! It’s on my list of places to visit.

    Congratulations to Eric and Sara from another listener. The honeymoon wil be in Spain, I’m sure.

  3. It was such a sweet moment you shared with your listenrs. Thank you!

    Congratulations to Eric and Sara on your engagement, we wish you the best!
    Sunny 🙂
    from Ab. WA, USA

  4. Holy Cats. No way. There is another Sunny Talbot in the world. That totally cannot be. How do you have my name? Sunny Talbot from Ab, WA?

    I am from Minnesota.

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