Cuisine from Spain podcast no. 10 – Grilling!

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The Catavino crew come round for some serious grilling (that’s Barbequing to us Brits 😉 ), while we chat about grilling culture in Spain and abroad, fine Spanish wines, why Spanish ingredients are so good, and Marina tells us about two great summer salads. This podcast goes hand in hand with the almost simultaneously recorded podcast over at Catavino radio, where we do some serious wine tasting before the food chat here gets underway.

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6 Replies to “Cuisine from Spain podcast no. 10 – Grilling!”

  1. Brian wins on the 101 issue — it’s well known that the term refers to the most introductory course in a given subject.

  2. We in the US also call it barbacueing as well as grilling. This was the tastiest podcast yet!

  3. YES, I have eaten the fried ants in Colombia! As my Colombian husband (at the time) use to say, they are really tasty, but you have to be sure to wipe your mouth after eating to be sure to get the little legs off your lips (or his mustache)! Yummy!

    More on the “101” term—Jen was right, it refers to the most basic course in any given college subject curriculum. But, I think that it was Martha Stewart who first used the term to refer to basic cooking techniques many years ago, ie. Pizza 101, Meat Loaf 101, and Turkey 101—I have these 3 recipes by Martha saved in my on-line cookbook file.

  4. My name is Gary, I’m a student at The University of South Florida in the USA. I am part of a group writing a research paper for a business class. My topic is focused on the citizens of Spain using propane grills for cooking Barbeque (BBQ). Are gas BBQ grills used often for cooking at your homes? Do buildings restrict you from using gas grills for cooking? Is propane gas a cost effective way of cooking for you? Can you find propane gas in your stores? If propane gas was cost effective and your building or community allowed its use would you cook with it? How do you cook currently, stove, charcoal, or other type fuel source? Please reply. Thank you for your help.

  5. Hi Gary,

    That is a very curios subject for a study!!!

    From my point of view a few years ago most barbaqueing in Spain was done in traditional barbaque with a coal or wood fire, however from six or seven years ago the gas barbaques became a very trendy thing to have for those people living in a house.

    Note that in Spanish cities most of the people live in flats and is not very common for people in flats to use barbaques. Ok, if you heard the podcast you know that we live in a flat and we use one every now and again, but that is because we have a roof terrace and we have enough space there for a barbaque, but definetely is not a normal thing to have in a flat and therfore I don’t think it is regulated.

    You can get butano bottles by deliver to your door, or if in a hurry it can be bought in some petrol stations.

    Regarding the normal cooker ours is electric, but some people use gas natural (it comes in a pipe) or gas butano in a bottle.

    Hope that helps!

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