Pollo en Pepitoria – Cuisine from Spain Podcast 18

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This wonderful Castillian chicken dish seemed to go down quite well in the Catalan kitchen!


2 Kg (4.4 Pounds) of Chicken (Drum sticks and thighs)
1 Chopped onion
3 Garlic cloves chopped roughly
3 Boiled eggs
2 Bouquet Garnis (or 2 bay leafs)
White wine (1 ½ glasses)
Water (1 ½ glasses)
White Flour (Enough to cover a plate)
Olive oil


Start by sprinkling salt over each piece of chicken and coating them in flour. Cover the bottom of a cast-iron frying pan with olive oil and let it heat up. When the oil starts to smoke, fry the pieces of chicken lightly in two lots for about 5 minutes each, then take them out and leave them on one side on a plate.

Using the same oil (or if there is too much oil get rid of about 1/3) cook the onion and garlic over a low heat with the bouquet garni for about 15 minutes. Next add the wine and water and leave to boil for 10 minutes, allowing the flavours to come out. Then add the chicken, check it is completely covered by the liquid (if not, add some more water), and cook everything very slowly for 30 minutes. Finally, chop the egg whites and crumble the egg yolks before adding them to the stew, and cook for a further 5 minutes.

Serve with boiled potatoes and a green vegetables.

Above: Bouquet Garni from Terrasa market

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  1. Wow! My mum used to make us this dish on special occasions! Haven’t tasted it in years 🙂 Looks delicious….time to go and get creative in la cocina.

  2. Marina, I googled Pepitoria and you would be surprised at the variation of this recipe! Is this one passed down to you from your mother? BTW, yours seemed the most appealing.

  3. Thanks ValenciaSon you are too nice;-)
    I learnt how to cook this recipe from my mother but it actually comes from my grandmother.

    I think the base of the pepitoria is the flour which gives the texture to the sauce and the boil egg, then you have different variations for example with almonds or with different types of alcohol like cognac. Other thing that I forgot to mention in the podcast is that other common thing to cook in Pepitoria sauce apart from Pollo is Gallina (Adult female chicken).

  4. I made this few weeks ago and it was delicious. I used chicken breasts because I had bought them for use in another recipe, and fresh bay,oregano and thyme instead of the boquet garni. I think I’ll make it again tonight because its cold and icy here in Texas and this is a nice dish to warm you up.

  5. It is great to hear that you liked the recipe and that you are even repeating!!!

    It is true that this recipe is very good for a the cold, the sauce is the best bit… I love to dip little pieces of bread once I’ve eaten the chicken.

    Saludos desde Madrid,

  6. Well, I have caught up with all 18 of your Cuisine from Spain podcasts that I had discovered after receiving an iPod for Christmas. I have subscribed on iTunes, but I see that it has been 6 weeks or so since this last podcast. PLEASE tell me that there will be more to come! I love your podcasts and enthusiasm for good food. Thank you for sharing it with me and the world.

  7. Hi Terri,

    Many thanks for your feedback and don’t worry, Cuisine from Spain podcasts are definitely coming back! We will be recording some winter recipes over the next few weeks and hope to publish the first one of those by the end of the week.


  8. I have listen to your podcast and the description of the receipe and and it is good, looks nice, I know other variations. Only to ask the person (male, I don’t know the name) to stop making idiotic comments during the podcast. Catalan is not a mixture of Spanish and French and France has not to influenced Catalan culture, more the other way around as part of Catalunya is in France and its dishes have influenced French cuisine. Good job with the cooking. Bad, bad job with the commentaries.

  9. Awesome! I was expecting the podcast to be in Spanish though! Considering my love of cooking and spanish, a cooking/spanish podcast would be a great way to teach both.

  10. Ok, I made the setas a couple of weeks ago but with a few changes here and there which I can’t really remember what I did, but superdelicious!! I have to try again and see what I did. But at this very moment I’m doing pollo en pepitoria! Smells wonderful! I can’t wait. Serving with spicy fried patatas…. 🙂

  11. Hola Agneta,

    I’m really happy that you enjoyed the Setas and so far the smell of the Pollo. If you ever cook the setas again, please let us know your variations so we can give it a try in the Cuisine from Spain kitchen.

    Many thanks for your comment.

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