Asturian Blowholes – Notes from Spain Podcast 73

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Puertas de Vidiago, walk to the sea...

A slightly Random podcast from the wonderful north of Spain… photos and more video coming soon!

Here is the info promised in the podcast on where we stayed and ate:

Hotel La Torre: Tel: 676 06 33 44 – 985 41 11 33

Casa Poli. Address: Opposite the above hotel in Puertas de Vidiago! Tel: 985 411 217 / 985 411 142

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  1. I love eating Pipas – my boyfriend grew up in Spain and like Maria he tells me that everyone had a serious pipas habit when he was young. The first time we went to Spain together he bought a large bag of “Telepipas” and showed me the technique of splitting the shell and getting the seed out. It took a while but by the end of a couple of large bags I think I got the hang of it. I haven’t seen that many people eating them in Spain but quite often see the evidence of the little stripy husks on the floor, so there must still be some pipas addicts. Incidentally when i went to Uni in Manchester there was a Spanish student, Jose, on my art course, we could find whereabouts he was in the studios by following the little trail of pipas shells or monkey nut shells he left behind him!

  2. I could never get the hang of orally extracting the seed like my sisters could. I chose kikos as an alternative. I remember going to el cine and there was a sign displayed on the screen which warned “Se prohibe comer pipas en este cine” By the time the movie ended and the light turned on, The floor was almost completely covered with pipas.

  3. Thank you for the podcast and the useful info.

    We still do pipas in Madrid, I had no idea it that it has gone out of fashion…my wife doesn’t believe it but if it’s true then it’s sad news. But pipas are still very much in fashion with the Turks in London.

  4. Pipas are very popular among people from Turkey and Morocco, they are true pros at eating them.

    RE galletas marí­a: in Holland, we also have ‘maria biscuits’, and I wonder what the history of these biscuits is.

    Great panoramic view, I love the cloud formations and the mountains! It looks very peaceful and quiet.

  5. @ Ben,

    If it’s those little beasties in the background you are talking about: they are field crickets, not cicadas. Cicadas sound like circular saws and the song of a single cicada can be quite loud, let alone the deafening clamor produced by a whole chorus.

  6. Hello

    I’ve listened to your podcast and regarding the blow holes I think that the reason why they are called “bufones” is because they “bufan”.
    A very good friend of mine lives in Puertas de Vidiago and we’ve enjoyed many times those wonderful sounds.
    If I can give you an advice, the next time you come to Puertas and cannot book a table in casa Poli, you can go to “Sidrería los bufones”, which is just on the other side of the road, and enjoy pretty tasty dishes as well.

  7. I am a regular reader/listener of your blog. Thank you for your notes from Spain. I am a fan of spain with a summerhouse down there. A technical question: I like your podcasts and I wonder which audiosoftware are u using, and how do u arrange the presentations on the blog/site? (Newbee as you understand)

  8. Hi,

    I use something called podpress to add the podcasts to the site, though I have a feeling people are using a different plugin now as podpress is no longer updated.

    Also, try audacity for editing, it’s free.

  9. Thank for replay. Podpress is not functioning in wp2.7 for me. Audacity is ok, I’ve tried it. Ok, I have to search in plugin directories. Thank for a good blog.

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