7 Replies to “Creativitieeeee”

  1. Cool watercolors and boundless imagination indeed!!!

    Bears and birds fighting with each other in the imaginary island of Birlundula!!!???. I’m sure she’d be more than welcomed in the screenplay team of LOST tv series.

    Do those images have a story to go with them??

  2. Absolutely amazing! Is your sister into anthropology? Some of her art has a distinctly tribal twist, and reminds me of places like Papua New Guinea.

  3. Beautiful work. If she doesn’t already know the work of a Canadian contemporary artist, Marcel Dzama, then I think she would like it. In the field of illustration, it takes me back to the stream of consciousness of Edward Lear. I hope she manages to stay afloat in these perilous times.

  4. Wow!
    I’m so glad you shared her amazing work with us. I wonder whether your sister is acquainted with the incredible work of Francesco Toledo…a great Mexican painter?
    After exploring her web site it struck me that she’d find great inspiration in African tribal art as well.
    Thanks Ben!
    By the way..is she the “little sister” whose phenomenal language skills you and Marina extol in Real Spanish Control?

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