Later Notes on Parenting…

Tireeeeeedddddd…. very very tiiiirreeeeeeeddd…. I’m told the sensation will pass in about 7 years time, when our son starts sleeping a little better, but right now, wow. Why did they do so many drugs in the 60’s? They should have just had more kids and experienced the joys of halucinagenic sleep deprivation for FREE!

So you may have noticed that this blog has been, well, a little quiet recently, and now you can guess why. Reserve energies left after parenting duties are being used mainly to keep everything running smoothly at, the website that really pays for the nappies. That doesn’t mean things over here at Notes from Spain are being abandoned, far from it – we’ve done more in the last 2 months to boost the wonderful forum than we’ve done in it’s entire history – do join in!

As I get increasingly used to life after few hours sleep, expect more blogging here soon, especially now the weather is so wonderfully inspiring – sitting at a cafe terrace table in Madrid’s Retiro park on Sunday, sipping Estrella Damn number 2 (rather it was Mahou), a sense of great happiness came over me – could have been the beer, could have been the sleep dep., but I think it was that wonderful sensation of ‘soaking up early spring sun in Spain’… and knowing there are 7 months of hot blue skies ahead…

Expect more Spain here this week and beyond, when I hope to be reporting on this wonderful country as well as my friend Richard does, with his excellent Spanish-Granny-Warrior post here: Chariots of Ire

5 Replies to “Later Notes on Parenting…”

  1. Jeez! These new parents! :-))

    Don’t worry- it gets better with the second and subsequent little ones- you start to know what you are doing by then!

    We had four under six yrs old at one time.. and that was EASY compared to when they all became teenagers!

    Procreation should have a mental health warning!

  2. [quote]We had four under six yrs old at one time.. and that was EASY compared to when they all became teenagers![/quote]

    …Respect 😉

  3. It’s those challenging times in parenthood which makes those moments on la terraza bebiendo un Mahou, that much more golden.

  4. Definitely check out the link to Richard’s blog post “Chariots of Ire”. What a hoot! It had me laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing that, Ben.

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