Creativity, Building You, Being Unique…

…don’t be a version of anybody, you have to be unique in yourself, you have to be creative, unique… don’t imitate anybody… be yourself, be genuine to yourself and build yourself. – Nawal El Saadawi

I listened to the most tremendous podcast this week, an interview on the BBC’s World Book Club with Egyptian author Nawal El Saadawi.

What a fascinating woman! A doctor and writer in her late 70’s, she has some of the most refreshing, interesting views on life and creativity I’ve heard for a very long time. If you are interested in the creative process, in writing, in living, I urge you to listen to this interview. It focuses on a novel of hers called ‘Woman at Point Zero’, which I shall order at once.

Helping a friend with a research project yesterday, I was asked what I missed most about the UK (family and friends aside, of course), and I came to this conclusion: Listening to Radio 4 (and programs like this) in the car. That even more than Marmite on toast. Or Cornwall. Thank god for podcasts.

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  1. Having read both “Women at Point Zero” and “Memoirs From the Women’s Prison” by Nawal, I dare say her writing skills are far from being as good as her ability to inspire others through the power of speech only.

    She speaks and you can’t but constantly nod and approve. You read what she writes and… it feels too demagogic in a way.

    A great woman indeed, without the slightest doubt.

  2. I listen to Radio 4 all day long here in Holland (198 LW). Only they drive me crazy when they drop all the normal programmes – including book-readings that I have been following intently for days – to feature 6-hour broadcasts of cricket matches.

  3. Radio 4, like the rest of BBC radio, is there for the listening on the internet. With two windows open I can work and listen at the same time.

  4. I’m so unique that I wear a different disguise almost every day. It’ not because I’m trying to be creative; it’s because I am facing some war crimes tribunals in The Hague and there are folks looking for me.

    I was hugely addicted to America’s National Public Radio. Is there a similar radio program in Spanish with podcasts? I highly recommend audio books in Spanish for students of the language. The problem is that I can’t find very many. If you want audio books in English there are thousands to be had easily. Some help, please. Anyone?

  5. I listen to podcasts all the time whenever I can on my ipod in the car. Great invention that car audio jack for handhelds.

    Some heavy stuff there leftbanker, are you sure yous hould be posting such personal stuff on the net about yourself? Wow.

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